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5 UX Design Bad Habits to Kick

career change Apr 12, 2023

In UX design, bad habits can cause bad experiences for users and hurt a brand. This blog post will cover five bad habits to avoid in your design process, explain why they're bad, and give you tips on how to stop doing them.


1. Aesthetics vs. Functionality - Why is Functionality Better Than Aesthetics in UX Design?

The first bad habit of avoiding in your design process is focusing on functionality rather than aesthetics. Aesthetics are important when appealing to a user, however, a designer must put focus on meeting the needs and expectations of users. Functionality is crucial for a product’s success and must be easy to navigate and use. Make sure to create a simple and clear design when creating!


2. Accessibility - Why is Accessibility Important in UX Design?

Accessibility should be highly considered in UX design as designers want to make their products useful for everyone. Regardless of one’s abilities to use a product, a designer must focus on accessibility, ensuring that their user base will reach all people. If not, this can lead to an unfavorable impression of the brand, potential legal action, and loss of business. 


3. Researching Users - Why is it Important to do User Research in UX Design?

Without user research, designers are unable to fully understand a user’s needs and desires. Designing a product without consulting or researching may result in creating products that are hard to navigate. Low engagement with the product will be a result of this, ultimately failing to meet a user’s needs and expectations.


4. Personal Biases - What are Biases in UX Design?

Personal biases can be prominent in design, but one must ensure that their product reflects the needs and desires of the audience. It is easy for designers to result in what they believe is most ideal, however, this can lead to inaccessibility, poor user experiences, low engagement, and negative impressions of the brand.


5. Testing Designs - What is Testing in UX Design?

Designers must be able to iterate and test their designs before launching a product. Without feedback from users, you are unable to fully understand their needs and desires. It is a very important step in the design process and without iteration and tests, this can lead to the same problems of poor user experiences and low engagement. 


In short, avoiding bad habits in UX design is key to creating good and user-friendly designs. Prioritize functionality, research users, design for accessibility, avoid personal biases, and test designs to create better experiences. Keep learning and improving, stay open to feedback, and design for your users.


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