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A Typical User Experience Designer Salary in the United States

salary Dec 23, 2021
A Typical User Experience Designer Salary in the United States

User experience designers enjoy impressive remuneration. In the United States, the average base salary for UX designers is $74,500, but many UX/UI professionals make well over $100K a year.

Even entry-level UX professionals can make strong wages in their first role. UX/UI designers in the U.S. with no prior experience still earn about $63,000 per year. 

Of course, these numbers are averages. A designer’s compensation can vary broadly based on their location, and UX pros in other countries often earn less than their American counterparts. Here’s a quick list of UX design annual incomes from around the globe (converted to USD): 


UX Design Average Salaries by Country 


Switzerland $100,890

Australia $76,194

Japan $71,346

Denmark $71,248

United Kingdom  $62,137

Canada $60,758

Germany $60,379

Finland $59,304

Sweden $54,204

France $52,669

China  $47,270

All Countries $52,683



Whether you’re an international traveler or a student reading The Guac from your home nation overseas, it’s important to note how UX salaries can vary.

Even with this data at your fingertips, it’s hard to know what to expect as a new UX designer yourself. No matter how well the Swiss are doing, many new UX designers want to hear stats and stories that are closer to home. That’s why in the next portion of this article, we’ll share some data from real Avocademy students!

Read on to learn how Avocademy graduates are fairing in the UX design job market.


Avocademy Graduate Salaries

Avocademy was born in 2020, and already over 500 students have enrolled in our UX/UI Foundations course. In the few short months between Avocademy’s launch and the time of writing, many of our alumni have found exciting roles. 

Here are just a few companies where you’ll find Avocados at work: 


  • Swisslog Healthcare
  • Spectrum
  • Dell
  • Herbalife 
  • Amwell
  • The Simons Foundation
  • Clearview Social
  • Fear Free
  • coolfire
  • IBM
  • Brivo
  • Mastery Logistics Systems
  • HCA Healthcare
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Experity 
  • Straighter Line
  • Xylem
  • Ria Money Transfers
  • Oracle
  • Grand Studio 
  • Skip-Line


You’ll notice that this list represents a wide range of work environments spanning from Fortune-100 megacorporations to smaller startups and nonprofits. Avocademy graduates have seen a similarly wide array of starting salary offers, ranging from about $50K to $150K. 

Despite this wide range, on average, Avocademy graduates enjoy a salary of $85,000 a year (which is $22K higher than the $63K average salary that most new UX designers earn!) 

Here’s a snapshot of what Avocademy graduates are doing and earning in 2022: 


Average Salary




51K- 154K


Average Time to Find a Job

82 days


Range of Time Needed to Find a Job

13 days - 175 days

As you can see, Avocademy graduates are also finding new roles quite quickly, with an average job search of fewer than three months. Considering that most Avocados are brand new to UX design, these stats are very impressive indeed.

If you’re trying to find your place in UX (or even your place in the world), schedule a free mentorship call with our mentors at Avocademy. We’ll chat with you about UX opportunities both near and far so you can build a career you love.

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