Do UX/UI Designers Make Six Figure Salaries?

salary Apr 14, 2022

Career moves are always daunting. There are the skills you need to acquire, figuring out location of new jobs, and spending hours applying to openings. As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, then comes the big, awkward question: How much will you be paid? For UX/UI design, is this a lucrative field? Short answer: Yes! For the long answer, read on to find out more about UX/UI pay.

What is the average UX/UI design salary?

To start, the average UX/UI designer makes about $65,000 a year. Take this job posting, for example. Here, the salary expected is actually $65k! The job title is listed as a Digital Product Designer, but when looking at qualifications, it’s clear that this role values the insight and skills needed to be a UX/UI designer. UX/UI design roles can be so technical, that they are typically well paid, even for entry to mid-level roles such as this one.

What do higher-end UX/UI salaries look like?

Growth in UX/UI design can offer even more of a salary bump, with an average range between $100-$165. Consider this job posting, where the range is between $93-$135k, depending on prior experience. This job has a lot more responsibility, hence the higher pay. It is listed as a mix of “content strategy, content design, and UX writing,” meaning there is much more to juggle in this role. As you develop more experience in the field, it will become easier to manage these high-level roles.

Why do UX/UI designers earn so much?

UX designers are able to earn quite a bit due to the value they bring to the company. They help make products more user-friendly, generating a more positive response from their users to the company. There are also more jobs in UX design than there are experienced UX professionals, making it hard for companies to adequately fill their positions. Companies create new products, websites, and applications every day, keeping UX designers busy and increasing the demand for them! 

How much do Avocademy grads earn?

With Avocademy grads, the average salary is around $85,000, and can even get up to $156,000, which is higher than most UX design averages! While these grads are starting off in entry-level jobs, the skills they learn throughout the bootcamp (such as working with real clients and team collaboration) help them negotiate higher salaries. Hiring managers may have certain years of experience in mind, but Avocademy grads can get a leg up with their knowledge and extensive portfolio work. In fact, a recent grad of Avocademy was able to showcase her skill and education, negotiating her salary from a $100k offer to $115k!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that with more education, including certificates and other professional learning programs, you can end up with a higher salary. Avocademy’s bootcamp platform allows for flexible learning through professionals, making it easier for you to get the education you need to advance your career.

With any career move, pay is an important aspect to consider in ensuring it is the right move for you. Luckily, UX/UI design offers exceptional compensation for an exciting career. Think this may be the right switch for you? Schedule a free mentor call to learn more about how Avocademy can help you achieve your career goals!


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