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Google UX Course vs Avocademy

education Jun 04, 2022

Making a career switch can be daunting, especially when you feel you do not have the educational background needed. In those cases, it can be necessary to gain additional education. When looking into UX, there’s a world of programs to choose from, including Avocademy! In this article, we will look at how Avocademy compares to another well-known program: the Google UX Design Course.

What is the Google UX design professional certificate?

The educational platform Coursera offers the Google UX design certificate for $39 a month. Additionally, students will need to pay another $149 to take the certification exam in order to earn the certificate. Financial assistance is available through Coursera and the program is designed to take 10-12 weeks to complete, but students are allowed to work at their own pace and finish sooner or later than suggested.

For the program, students will work through seven UX design-related modules. These modules range in topics from creating personas to utilizing tools like Figma and Adobe XD. The certificate provides students with three samples to use for their portfolio of work. However, these projects are not client-based or based on real-world work.

What is the Avocademy UX Bootcamp?

Avocademy offers a two-step educational bootcamp designed to help professionals learn skills for a new career. There is a one-time payment of $2,997, or students can opt for financial assistance and pay in 6, 12, or 36-month increments. This program is designed to be completed within 8 to 16 weeks. In the second step, called the Career Jumpstart, students pay $0 upfront and $5500 on graduation day.

The unique portion of Avocademy is within the program. The first portion of the program provides UX fundamentals and introduces students to the fields of UX/UI. In the Career Jumpstart, real-world experience. Students are able to collaborate with other students in the program, gaining important collaboration skills, along with working with real clients for projects.

How do the programs stack up?

The chart below shows a side by side comparison between the two programs:



Google UX Certificate




Length of Program

8-16 weeks

6 months

Number of Projects



Real-world Experience       

Yes (Career Jumpstart) 


Student Collaboration



Job Search Help







Which program should I do: Google UX Design or Avocademy?

Each person has to determine what their career needs are in order to choose which program is the best fit. A more casual learner might decide on the Google UX certificate. But if you’re looking for real-world experience to boast on your resume or if you would prefer mentorship opportunities, Avocademy might be your best option. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free mentor call today!

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