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Help Others Become UX Designers with Avocademy

inspiring designers Jan 31, 2023

As Avocademy continues to grow we invite you to collaborate with us. Help us transform lives as an avo-ambassador. Find out how to join, win prizes and make extra pocket money.


What is an Avo-Ambassador?

An avo-ambassador introduces the Avocademy program to prospective students. As an avo-ambassador, you help others transition into tech. Find goal and career-oriented professionals who may benefit from a career in UX Design. Do you know someone creative, empathetic, loves problem-solving, and is looking for a career opportunity? Do you know someone who wants to get into tech after graduating college, without needing to code? Introduce the next generation of designers to Avocademy.

Who Can Join?

Anyone with an interest in helping others expand their career can join. We also encourage current and past students to sign up.


How Can You Win Prizes?

Prizes are awarded based on the number of signups from your personal link. Review the reward list below.


  •  2 Signs up = Win an Avo-Swag Bag (Bronze)
  •  10 Signs up = Win a pair of Airpods (Silver)
  •  20 Signs up = Win an Ipad (Gold)
  • 50 signs up = Win a MacBook Pro (Platinum)


How Do You Earn Money?

Earn $100 for each new student who signs up using your link. Get paid on the 15th of each month via Paypal.


How to Become an Avo-Ambassador?

Become an ambassador in just three simple steps!

Avo-Ambassador Promotional Blurbs

*Use the below examples as social media blurbs to get started.

Ready to start earning with Avocademy?

Start your Avo-Ambassador journey today. Sign up here.


Want to Learn While You Promote?

Schedule a mentor chat to start learning about UX design.


Jamir Williams is an educator, writer and aspiring UX Designer. She likes her avocados in a spicy guacamole.

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