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Interaction Design Foundation UX Bootcamp Review

review Aug 27, 2021
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Wondering if Interaction Design’s UX courses and bootcamps are worth it? No worries. The Guac’s got you covered. We will break down the key aspects of what Interaction Design Foundation has to offer when it comes to learning UX. That way you can see if Interaction Design Foundation is right for your learning journey. 


Grab your chips and let's dig in!

What is Interaction Design Foundation?

Interaction Design Foundation is an online design school founded in 2002. It offers a mentor-led portfolio building bootcamp. As a member, you get access to courses for a year after you finish your program, so you can keep learning.


This bootcamp would be a great option for students that want to keep learning after their course ends. 


How much does Interaction Design Foundation Cost?


When it comes to learning UX, Interaction Design Foundation has a couple of options. You can pay a monthly membership fee and have access to all of their courses for $16 a month without a mentor or $200 a month with a mentor. Depending on how long it takes you to go through the courses, this cost could add up over time.


The other option is to take a UX design bootcamp. Interaction Design Foundations does not offer one bootcamp that covers everything you need to know to begin your career, but they offer several bootcamps. 


Beginners can choose from bootcamps like UX Fundamentals, User Research, and Design Thinking. There is an intermediate track for those that already have a background in UX. And finally a UX portfolio and career bootcamp that’s sole focus is portfolio building and job preparation.


Each of these bootcamps cost $2,592, so the cost will add up if you want to take more than one bootcamp. It is worth mentioning that students do get a one-year Interaction Design Foundation membership which gives them unlimited access to Interaction Design Foundation’s courses to supplement what they learn from bootcamps.


Not looking to put that much of a dent in your wallet?  Avocademy offers its Foundations course for just $2,997. You can also take a look at these comparisons of The Best UX Design Bootcamps we have compiled.


How Long Does Interaction Design Foundation Take?

 The bootcamps at Interaction Design Foundation are flexible and paced across 12 weeks. 


In contrast, Avocademy's course will take you about 8-16 weeks to complete.


What Projects or Experiences Do You Get Out of Interaction Design Foundation?


Students will complete one capstone project through a series of smaller capstone assignments during each bootcamp they take. They can then add their capstone projects to their portfolios.


Unlike Avocademy, Interaction Design Foundation does not include real client projects or the chance to collaborate with other students in their bootcamps. 


Getting a chance to work with a group and a real client gives you the chance to see what working as a UX designer is really like. Real-world experience and collaboration is something employers love to see and can set you apart from other applicants when job hunting. 


If getting real life experience and collaborating with other students is important to you, Interaction Design Foundation bootcamps may not be worth it to you.

Does Interaction Design Foundation Offer Job Search Help?


Although job search help is not attached to every UX bootcamp offered by Interaction Design Foundation, if you take their UX portfolio and career bootcamp, you will get job search support. In this bootcamp students work with a recruiter design staffing agency to build their career plan. 


In comparison, Avocademy’s support extends past the completion of the course. Avocademy offers a Career Jumpstart Program after you finish the 8 - 16 weeks UX design foundations course. There is no initial charge for this course. We offer a $0 upfront payment and then $5500 paid on the day of graduation (paid over 6-36 months).


Avocademy mentors will help create a job search plan and help with all aspects of landing that first UX job and negotiating a salary. You will get help with job searching, building your resume, and interview prep. You will also have the opportunity to work with other students on real-life client projects that you can add to your portfolio. 


How Does Interaction Design Foundation Compare to Avocademy?


You might be wondering how Interaction Design Foundation compares with Avocademy. Check out this summary below. 



Interaction Design Foundation



$2, 592

Length of Program

8-16 weeks

12 weeks

Number of Projects



Real-world Experience       



Student Collaboration



Job Search Help





5 hrs of video calls

When it comes down to deciding if a bootcamp is worth it, it's all about how you learn and what you want to get out of a program. Everyone is different. But especially if you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to find a UX design bootcamp with good mentorship, real-world experience, portfolio building, and career help. This way you will get the guidance you need to begin your UX design journey.


You also will want to find a program that fits in your budget so that you can set yourself up for success and aren’t stressing about how to finance your education.


Avocademy’s UX/UI design course checks all the boxes. In the 8-16 week program you will learn UX research, UX design, and UI design. You will create one end-to-end case study for your portfolio. Plus, you will receive personalized mentoring and flexible scheduling included in the affordable cost of the course.  You will also have the opportunity to receive extended job search help beyond course completion.


Ready to begin your UX design journey?  Schedule a free mentoring session with a UX designer today!

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