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Is Figma Difficult to Learn?

how to Jul 26, 2022

What is Figma?

Figma is a tool used by UX/UI designers to help create graphics and outlines for media. Think of it as a drawing board for trial and error. As for graphics, these can be created and then utilized as they are in Figma. When it comes to mediums or products, it gives it shape, but not function, at least not on its own. Following creating the look and feel of a product, there have to be some extra steps to bring it to life. 

Here are some aspects of Figma that make it so beneficial:

  • It’s free!
  • Collaborative: Others can work on the same page as you, on different graphics for the same project or a bigger picture, like an outline for an app or website.
  • It’s fast: No long load-up screens, or waiting for your project to buffer, Figma is ready to use as soon as you are, and you can see live updates from others when working in groups.
  • It works with any computer: Everyone loves Mac, but the days of spending $2000 on a computer to do design are over. Everything is saved in a cloud similar to Docs; therefore, if you don’t already have a hefty supercomputer, you don’t need one.


Is Figma difficult to use? 

The short answer is no; it’s quite similar to InDesign, but more user-friendly, and can take a beginner UX/UI designer to some great heights. Like anything, however, it will take practice, especially if you are used to using different mediums to be creative. Don’t let a new interface deter you; practice, practice, practice!

What is Figma Used For?

Figma is the main tool of a UX/UI designer; they can use it for many different steps in the design process. A few examples would be:

  • Wireframing
  • Designing Interfaces
  • Prototyping
  • User testing to gain insight as to how a user would use this product, and if they appreciate the layout.


We have answered this briefly above, but we wanted to give you a visual aid. Check out this link to provide you with some examples.


Can I learn Figma on my own?

Absolutely! There are many tutorials for Figma on YouTube. As mentioned in this video, one of the best ways to get practice with using Figma is by recreating other designs that already exist. Figma gives you the unique ability to take a design and strip it down all the way to the start and allows you to see each layer as an individual layer or as a whole finished product.


Does Figma Require Code?

The quick answer is no, Figma does not require code to create within its boundaries. However, after creating a product within Figma, it can be handed over to developers who will code the final product. There are also some mediums that give you the ability to code your creations on your own. Check out this video for how you can take your design to the next level on your own!


Interested in learning Figma in a more hands-on environment, or getting certification in UX/UI design? Schedule a free mentor call today, and see if we can help take you to the next level.



Trenton Carlson is a journalist, content writer, and aspiring airline pilot. He likes his avocados baked with an egg in the hole where the pit goes.

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