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Springboard UI/UX Bootcamp Review

review Aug 27, 2021
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 If you are thinking of taking a UX design bootcamp, you have probably come across Springboard. You might have some questions such as how much does it cost, will Springboard help me find a job, or is Springboard even legit? Now it’s time to learn more about it. 


Avocademy and Springboard both offer courses to help their students learn about and become job-ready in the UX design field. Want the scoop on Springboard? Well, get your chips ready, because The Guac is here to dish it out.


What is Springboard?

Springboard is a 100% online learning platform founded in 2013 that offers bootcamp programs for in demand tech careers. Springboard offers a joint UI/UX design program as well as programs in software engineering, data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, cybersecurity. 

How much does Springboard Cost?

Overall, Springboard's UX/UX design program costs $11,691 so it does fall in the high price range. However, they do offer different payment plans and options:


  • Pay Upfront  - If you pay upfront you will receive a 14% discount off of your tuition, bringing the total to $10,000. You can also receive a refund if you don't get a job within 6 months of course completion. Note that this is only available if you pay upfront.


  • Month to Month Payments - If you want a more flexible payment plan, you can pay $1,299 on the day you sign up and then $1,299 per month over 9 months.


  • Climb Credit Loan - You can also apply for a loan and pay $500 at the time of enrollment followed by monthly payments during the course ranging from $68-$137 over 9 months, or you can pay after the course with monthly payments ranging between $392-$431 over 33 months. This would bring the total cost to $13,566 - $15,456


However, it is important to note with this option that the cost of the installments is dependent on your approved interest rate and is only available to US residents.


  • Deferred Tuition Plan - You also have the option of paying a $700 refundable deposit  at the time of enrollment and paying $397 for 36 months after starting a new job. Note that this option is only available to US citizens.

Not looking to put that much of a dent in your wallet?  Avocademy offers its UX design course for just $2,997, which can be paid via an affordable monthly payment plan over 6,12, or 36 months. You can also take a look at these comparisons of The Best UX Design Bootcamps we have compiled.


How Long Does Springboard Take?


Springboard's U/UX design bootcamp is a 9 month program. If you are looking for a longer course, this may be a choice for you. Springboard states that most students spend 15-20 hours a week to complete the course. Expect to take the full 9 months, but if you have extra time that you want to dedicate, you may be able to finish the course sooner.


In contrast, Avocademy's course will take you about 8 to 16 weeks to complete. 

What Projects or Experiences Do You Get Out of Springboard?


When you have finished the course with Springboard, you will have learned all the stages of the UX/UI design process, from design thinking to ideating, and sketching. The curriculum consists of videos, articles, design projects, and career-related coursework. 


You will also complete 4 portfolio projects, one of these being a design sprint where you will go through the entire design process in a one week rapid cycle. You will also complete a real 40 hour client project


Mentorship is available to you as well. You will work one on one with your own mentor and schedule weekly calls with them throughout the course. You can also contact a mentor at any time if necessary.


It is important to note that although you will come out of Springboard’s course with 4 excellent projects and real world UX/UI experience, this course does not offer you the opportunity to work with your peers.


If student collaboration is an important factor for you, then check out Avocademy’s UX design course where you are able to work with other students on real-life client projects. These projects can also be added to your portfolio, even after you have completed the 8-week course.  


Does Springboard Offer Job Search Help?


Springboard provides you with a one on one career mentor that will help you come up with a strategy for job searching and teach you to build your network, find the right companies, craft your resume and LinkedIn profile, interview prep, and salary negotiation. Note that you will have access to these ​​career support services for 6 months after completing the program.


In comparison, Avocademy offers a Career Jumpstart Program after you finish the 8 week UX design foundations course. There is no initial charge for this course. We offer a $0 upfront payment and then $5500 paid on the day of graduation (paid over 6-36 months).


Avocademy mentors will help create a job search plan and help with all aspects of landing that first UX job and negotiating a salary.  You will get help with job searching, building your resume, and interview prep. You will also have the opportunity to work with other students on real-life client projects that you can add to your portfolio. 


How Does Springboard Compare to Avocademy?


You might be wondering how Springboard compares with Avocademy. Check out this summary below. 








Length of Program

8 - 16 weeks

9 months

Number of Projects



Real-world Experience



Student Collaboration



Job Search Help






Avocademy's Foundations program covers UX research, UX design, and UI design. You will create one end-to-end case study for your portfolio. The price is also on the lower end of the spectrum at $2,997. However, don't let the low cost fool you! You will still receive personalized mentoring and flexible scheduling. You will also receive extended job search help beyond course completion.


If you are looking for a shorter self-paced course with personalized mentoring to jumpstart your UX design career that also doesn't break the bank, then Avocademy is the place for you.


Ultimately the choice of which bootcamp to choose for your UX design career is up to you. UX bootcamps are great ways for you to start building your career path or transition into that dream career. Now is the time to take action and achieve your dreams. Go make it happen and begin your UX design journey today! 


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