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Start a UX Career in 3 Simple Steps

review Aug 27, 2021
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Making a change can be intimidating. If you’re thinking about starting a career in UX design, you have probably read tons of background information. All of those advice articles, UX influencer videos, and bootcamp websites can be overwhelming!

While you can’t become a UX designer overnight, the path to starting this career is pretty simple. It all boils down to three steps:

  1. Learn UX concepts, 
  2. Complete UX projects, and
  3. Land a UX design job!


At Avocademy, we think a straightforward mindset like this can help learners feel less intimidated. If you’re ready to cut to the chase and start your UX design career, read on!

1. Learn UX Concepts

First things first– to become a UX designer, you have to learn UX design! 

There are many different ways to gather the knowledge you need. You can enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, find a UX bootcamp, or try teaching yourself through free online resources.

We recommend finding an affordable, short-term UX course like Avocademy. With this type of program, you’ll gain conceptual knowledge and hands-on experience simultaneously. 

To explore UX learning pathways available, check out our article: How Long Does it Take to Learn UX Design?


2. Build a Portfolio of UX Projects

To land a job, UX designers must have a portfolio that showcases their past work. Once you understand UX design basics you can begin taking on practice projects to include in your portfolio.

Low-stakes educational projects can come from many sources. You could find a UX design internship or volunteer to help a local nonprofit with a digital project. You can also create your own project from scratch.

Completing a practice project will also teach you how to use the tools of the UX trade, such as Figma and Sketch.  

After completing your first project, you’re ready to begin crafting your UX portfolio. Here are a few great UX portfolio examples and portfolio mistakes to avoid 

We also recommend speaking with an experienced UX professional or mentor to get project ideas and feedback on your work. 


3. Land Your First UX Design Job!

With your project portfolio complete, you’re ready to apply to UX design jobs! 

Be patient and consistent with the application process. At Avocademy, we’ve found that it can take new designers three months to start landing interviews, and six months or more to land their first role.  

The hiring process is long but worth the wait! Keep applying steadily to practice your interviewing skills, hone your resume, and find the perfect role


Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Free UX Mentorship Session!

At Avocademy, we help students decide if UX design is right for them. Schedule a call with us to start your UX career journey today.  



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