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Thinking About a Career Change? Try a UX Design Bootcamp

short Jul 29, 2021

So you want to make a career change. Great, now you have to take 2-4 years of your life to go back to school and hand over some serious cash, right? 

Actually, no. Although a career change may not be easy, it doesn't mean it has to take a long time and break your budget, too. With Avocademy’s UX Design Bootcamp, you can be ready to start a career in UX/UI design in just 6 weeks. You can enroll on any Monday of the year so you can get started on that career change right away.

Join The Guac as we dig into some questions about UX Design and bootcamps!


Do Companies Need UX Designers?

The short answer is yes. Companies care how their customers interact with their products or services, and they want those experiences to be smooth and enjoyable. Your role as a professional UX designer will help to ensure that both the customer and the company are happy with the user experience that you design. 


Would I Make a Good UX Designer?

You don't have to have a degree in the tech field to be a good UX designer. If you've ever gone through the process of using a product or service and thought, “I could make this experience better,” then you may have what it takes to pursue a career in UX design.

You’d make a good UX designer if you:

  • Love solving problems
  • Enjoy expressing your creative side
  • Like digging into the details


What is a UX Design Bootcamp? Will it be Useful to Me?

A good UX design bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know about UX design. You’ll get career-ready in a short amount of time and spend far less than you would have by attending grad school. 

If you are looking for an affordable way to learn the skills you need to know, then bootcamps may be a great option for you. When looking for the right bootcamp it is important to take into consideration your own personal expectations and goals when it comes to course length, price, mentorship, and portfolio building.

Want to know if a bootcamp checks out? The Guac has you covered. Check out What are the Best US Design Bootcamps for a thorough comparison of some popular online UX courses. 


Bootcamps won't just provide you with new skills— they will also connect you with mentors and like-minded peers as well as employers who might wish to hire you. 


Learn UX Design at Avocademy

Ready to make that career change and become a UX Designer? Sign up for Avocademy’s 6-week UX Design course and learn all you need to know how to navigate the UX Design field.  Schedule a free mentoring session with a UX designer today!

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