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UI/UX Designer Salaries by Role

salary Dec 20, 2021
UI/UX Designer Salaries by Role

UX/UI designers have impressive earning potential. According to PayScale, UX designers make about $74,800 a year. Even entry-level UX designers can start out making over $65k annually, and with more experience, they can go on to earn well over $100k a year.

These figures represent salaries for UX designers– the generalists who wear many hats and work to make products more user-friendly. However, there are a few specializations that UX professionals can pursue to increase their earning potential. 

In this article, we’ll briefly explore how UX/UI design salaries vary by role. Let’s get this guacamole!


UI Designer: $78,000/year

UI stands for User Interface, and UI specialists focus on the appearance of a digital product. They work alongside other UX pros to make a product visually appealing. According to data from Indeed, the average UI designer makes $78,476 annually. 


Product Designer: $84,000/year

Product design is related to industrial design. While UX designers may focus purely on the user’s experience, product designers also consider other aspects of the product as a whole, like cost-effectiveness and efficiency. According to PayScale, product designers make $84,422 per year on average.


UX Researcher: $88,000/year

UX researchers work to improve products by conducting UX research through interviews, usability testing, and more. Their work helps keep designs data-driven and user-centric. According to Payscale, UX researchers earn $87,818 per year. 


UX Strategist: $97,000/year

UX strategists oversee user experience initiatives at a high level. They work to determine how improving a product’s user experience can help the whole company succeed. Glassdoor reports that UX strategists make $96,943 per year on average.


UX Writers: $109,000/year

UX writers design the written portions of a digital product. They write the buttons, labels, instructions, and more to help users understand and use a product. According to Glassdoor, UX writers earn $108,807 on average per year.


UI Architect: $124,000/year

UI architects organize interfaces to present information clearly and logically. Their work makes complex products easier for users to navigate. Glassdoor reports that UI architects earn $123,852 per year on average.  


Find Your Specialty with Avocademy

Starting as a generalist is a great way to explore the UX field, learn best practices, and discover your interests. UX generalists are also well-compensated, even in entry-level roles. However, learning specialized skills like UX writing or UX research can boost your earning potential. 

If you’d like to explore any of these careers, schedule a free UX mentoring session! We’ll help you find your path to a lucrative role that’s suited to your unique skills.

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