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What Is The Best IT Certification To Get?

Jun 05, 2023

So you are thinking about breaking into tech? 

We approve!

Having a tech career can be fulfilling. However, keep in mind, when thinking of switching to a tech career, the industry is big. Most times when discussing a tech career, Big tech comes to mind. While it is very possible to land a position among the five top global tech companies, keep in mind they are not the only companies that need a tech superstar.

For starters, you will need to narrow down your interests to properly get started. Just like in any area of life, it is important to choose with caution where you would like to call home. 

Here are a few of the most popular certificates pursued in the past few years.

What are the most popular IT certifications?


CompTIA A+ - for entry-level IT professionals

You may have not heard it referred to by its full name, but you may recognize some of the positions that can stem from the certification. The CompTIA A+ is a common certification for entry into tech and typically is held by help desk analysts, tech support, and similar roles. This certification can be obtained in about 3- 6 months and requires a 2-part exam before fully securing the certification. Starting salary is around $44K.


UX/UI Certification

User research became a thing back in the 90s with the evolution of understanding product placement and appealing to the general public. However, a few years ago, when the pursuit became more affordable, the interest picked up noticeable momentum. If you enjoy the inner workings of how individuals receive, view, and interact with products and the way it is delivered, then a UX/UI certification may interest you. Depending on your course of study, it can take 10 weeks or up to 6 months to secure. Starting salary is around 85K, but can vary based on a few different factors like location, company, and industry.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) - for cybersecurity professionals

Protecting information by creating and maintaining security systems is a necessary space to fill. So, if you find information protection fitting to your personality, perhaps securing a certification in Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is more of your match. The process requires candidates to pass the official exam. Official training can be self-paced in, person, or instructor-led. Starting salary is based on different factors but averages around $100K.


What is the Importance of Getting an IT Certification?

Finding a new career in technology is exciting, as is the path to obtaining your certification. Outside of establishing a new career trajectory, a tech certification will be key to introducing the new path. It will also help identify the instrumental tools and resources required to be successful.


Most of all, a certification in tech, in the niche of choice will serve as a skill validator, showcasing credibility for having done the work to be qualified for the position.


Which IT Certification is the Most Valuable?

There is no right or wrong, valuable or more valuable tech certification. It comes down to individual goals. Understanding which area of the industry you value most and where you feel you would provide the best service is the place to get started.

Many certifications like UX have gained momentum in recent years with the rise of its popularity on social media platforms. And, like UX/UI, specialized boot camps have made obtaining these certifications easier along with securing employment.


Ready to Learn How You can get A New IT Certification and Boost Your Career?

Making a career change is not always easy, but it sure can be worth it. numerous individuals who enrolled in Avocademy’s Foundations and Jumpstart boot camp programs have witnessed their career transformation.

If you are looking to take your place among those successful individuals, schedule a call with one of our mentors to explore whether or not UX/UI design is where you would like to kick off your new career in tech.

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