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Why Do Teachers Make Great UX Designers?

education Dec 21, 2022

Teaching is a rewarding and impactful profession. However, after spending time in the classroom, some decide to expand their career or make a complete career change. UX design could be perfect for a former teacher. UX designers need to have empathy, organization skills, and creativity to start. Teachers already possess those qualities and can easily transfer their skillset.


What is UX Design?

User Experience (UX) Design is the design of products that create great functionality and experiences for the user. UX designers create for digital platforms. These projects are focused on the user requiring empathy and an awareness of others. The design process includes brainstorming, defining, designing, testing, and launching the product. This process mirrors the steps teachers take to come up with an activity that engages the learners. 


What is EdTech?

UX Design is a great way to transition into educational technology (edTech). EdTech is the use of technology-based tools in learning environments. As e-learning platforms grow, there is a need for people with both teaching and tech experience. An e-learning platform's goal is to meet the needs of both students and educators, its users. Former teachers can use their background knowledge to design platforms that meet educational targets. 


Transferable Skills


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. Teachers need this quality to be able to connect and understand the needs of their students. Similar to teachers, UX designers have a passion for helping others. UX designers focus on meeting the needs of their users. Their intelligent designs allow users to benefit from the product. 


Organization / Planning  

Teachers have multiple responsibilities. Lesson planning and implementation is a top priority. Teachers study and research the curriculum in order to effectively teach the material. Similarly, UX Designers research and study their users to design a product that meets the user's needs.  



Teachers use their creativity to bring their classroom activities to life. They create new ways to teach concepts and engage learners. During the ideation process, UX designers brainstorm different designs. They create wireframes and digital low-fidelity prototypes to assess various design setups. 



A teacher's advanced interpersonal skills help them connect with students, parents and colleagues. Effective communication is at the core of teaching. Teachers typically work in grade-level teams and plan together. They share ideas and practices to support the students in their grade level. Similarly, UX designers work together to create the best product design for users.  


New Skills


UX research is an important initial step in the design process. They collect qualitative and quantitative to better understand the user. Data collection methods include surveys, interviews, and usability studies. After a design prototype is complete user interaction is tested and feedback is received.



UX designers have a variety of roles, however, design is a priority. Designers create wireframes and prototypes for developers. A wireframe is the outline of a digital platform. A prototype is an early functional model of a project. These projects are created using UX tools. Popular UX tools include Figma and  Adobe XD. 

Learn more about UX tools here.


What to Expect?


Your role as a UX Designer will often depend on the type of business you work for. Small businesses and startups may require you to perform a variety of UX roles. Large businesses may assign you to a UX specialty. Some of the jobs in the UX design field include UX writer, UX researcher, UX engineer, and visual designer.


Work Environment

UX designers can work both in-person or remotely. They typically work in teams and collaborate using UX tools. 



Avocademy grads make an average of 85,000 a year. Continue reading below to find out more about Avocademy.


How to Transition into UX Design?

Join a Boot Camp 

You are not required to get another degree to become a UX designer. Joining a bootcamp is the best way to make an affordable career change. Our UX/UI Foundations is a part-time and virtual bootcamp that allows you to earn a certification. Here you will work with a mentor, learn UX design and create your UX portfolio. The program takes between 8 to 16 weeks, and you can continue to work as a teacher until you are ready to transition. 


Pick a Specialization 

After you complete your bootcamp you may want to learn more before joining the career. With a Design Masterclass  course you can learn advanced UX concepts. Adding a specialization could make your resume more competitive for the upcoming job process.


Start Your New Career 

With Career Jumpstart you can gain real-world experience. You will also receive resume and job assistance. Career Jumpstart is available after taking UX/UI Foundations or with the submission of an impressive portfolio.



If you are a teacher looking to join tech, UX Design is a great start. Transfer your professional teaching skills to helping others enjoy their user experience. Learn new skills that will allow you to succeed as a UX designer. 


Ready to Make a Career Change?

Schedule a free mentor chat to jumpstart your professional career in UX/UI Design!


Jamir Williams is an educator, writer and aspiring UX Designer. She likes her avocados in a spicy guacamole.



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