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Agile for UX/UI

16 hrs

  • Why Agile?
  • Scrum Explained
  • Agile & UX/UI
  • Tips & Tools
  • Interviewing




Advanced Figma

15 hrs

  • Community Files & Plugins
  • Style Guides & Global Styles
  • Components & Variants
  • Auto Layout & Framing
  • Prototyping




UX Research for Web3

15 hrs

  • Web3 vs. Web2
  • UX for Web3
  • UX Research for Web3
  • Decentralized Platforms
  • Advocating for new Web3 Users




UX Writing for UX Designers

15 hrs

  • Intro to UX Writing
  • How to Write Microcopy
  • Voice and Tone
  • Psychology in UX Writing
  • Content Style Guide




Accessibility for UX/UI Designers

15 hrs

  • The Importance
  • Content Design
  • Accessible Design for Mobile
  • Accessible Design for Web3
  • Human Centered Design




Project Management for UX/UI Designers

17 hrs

  • Essential Project Management Skills
  • Initiating a Project
  • Planning a Project
  • Monitoring and Controling
  • Closing Projects




UX Design for VR

13 hrs

  • Benefits of VR
  • Software & Tools
  • VR Team Collaboration
  • Breaking Into the Industry




Advanced Prototyping

15 hrs

  • Prototype Basics
  • Understanding Animations
  • Prototyping with Figma, Adobe XD, Invision & Protopie




Advanced Accessibility

24 hrs

  • Common types of disabilities
  • Assistive technologies
  • How to design with accessibility in mind
  • Advocating for leadership buy-in




Decision Making for UX Designers

13 hrs

  • The Decision-Making Process
  • Collaborating with internal teams and stakeholders
  • What to recommend for “buy-in” confidence?
  • Decision-matrices




Qualitative UX Research

12 hrs

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Recruitment criteria and details
  • Research Plan
  • Discussion Guide
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Research reports and presentations




Design Sprints

20 hrs

  • Ability to facilitate design Sprints
  • Use Design Thinking frameworks for design sprint
  • User centered problem solving
  • Articulating design decisions
  • Ability to align teams and present design work




Collaborating with Developers

17 hrs

  • Resolving conflict with developers
  • Understand the role of developer-designer relationships
  • Set up design files to support the team
  • Figma organization methods and annotation practices



Usability Testing

Coming Soon

  • The basics of Usability Testing
  • Usability Testing types and timeline
  • Preparing for Usability Testing
  • Moderated Usability Testing techniques
  • Analyzing Data & communicating insights



Mastering UI Basics

Coming Soon

  • Color theory
  • Combining colors, best practices, & creating a palette library
  • Typography basics and how to combine fonts
  • Typography best practices, hierarchy, & building a system
  • Creating your UI with typography & color



Fostering Strong Stakeholder Teams for Epic Outcomes

Coming Soon

  • What is a Stakeholder Team?
  • Perspectives & Breaking Information Bias & Silos
  • Team applications & why integration is important
  • Leading a Stakeholder Team
  • Running an effective Stakeholder meeting
  • How to be an effective presenter in Stakeholder meetings
  • Going above & beyond as a designer



Intro to HTML & CSS for Designers

Coming Soon

  • Understanding HTML Elements
  • Advanced HTML Elements & Selectors
  • Intro to CSS
  • Styling for Responsiveness
  • CSS Frameworks
  • Building a landing page
  • Launching a website



Voice UX

Coming Soon

  • History and Use Cases for Voice
  • Voice Terminologies
  • Design Components of Voice
  • Voice Best Practices
  • Usability Testing for Voice
  • Voice Personas
  • Safety & Privacy for Voice



Model & Theories in HCI

Coming Soon

  • Planning the scope of your project
  • Exploration through Affinity Diagram
  • Exploring Flow, Social, & Work Environment Models
  • Design Lifecycle & Prototyping
  • Evaluation & analyzing collected data



Make Usability Studies Accessible

Coming Soon

  • Defining Digital Accessibility
  • Product Accessibility & Communicating them to Stakeholders
  • Scripts & Recruitment
  • Preparing Accessible documents
  • Remote Testing Tools
  • Compensation, Presentations, & In Person Studies



UX/UI Design for Games

Coming Soon

  • Game Mechanics Foundations
  • User Experience for Games
  • Purpose of Game UI
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Playtesting & Iterating
  • Translating Paper to Digital: Comparing Workflows
  • Making a Digital Prototype for Games



Visual Storytelling in UX Design

Coming Soon

  • Principles, Roles & Best Practices in Storytelling
  • Techniques in organizing and creating effective Storyboards
  • Impact, consistent visual language, and mistakes to avoid
  • Designing with Visual Storytelling in mind
  • Creating a Visual Storytelling Case Study
  • Enhancing User Experience



Freelancing for UX Designers

Coming Soon

  • Vision & Strategy for your Business
  • Sales Mindset for UX/UI Designers
  • UX/UI Business Foundations
  • Sales System - Mastering your Pitch
  • Marketing for Visibility
  • Managing your Business, Clients, and Tasks



UX Design for E-Commerce

Coming Soon

  • Frameworks of E-Commerce Design and Platforms
  • UX & UI Perspective on E-Commerce
  • Importance of the Post-Purchase Experience
  • Intuitive Navigation for E-Commerce sites
  • Stages of the Sales Funnel




Design Systems

Coming Soon

  • Benefits of why you need a Design System
  • How to collaborate on Design Systems with your team
  • Build a Design System from scratch following Atomic Design Theory
  • Understand the value of Design Tokens


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