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UX/UI Foundations Program

A hands on learn-by-doing program that focuses on creating a case study for your portfolio with unlimited 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. 

  • A full course in UX and UI design. To use as needed, depending on your level
  • Outlined bite size activities to walk you through an entire case study end to end
  • As many 30 min mentor sessions as you need or want
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Job Search Tips & Tricks 




  • Tools
  • Concepts
  • Portfolio
  • Books
  • Project Introduction

Module 1

  • Define your problem 
  • Intro to UX and UI
  • Design Thinking
  • Activities
  • Mentor Session 

Module 2 

  • Intro to Research
  • Conducting Research
  • Activities
  • Mentor Session

Module 3 

  • Synthesizing Research
  • Design & Ideate
  • Information Architecture
  • Sketching
  • Activities 
  • Mentor Session

Module 4 

  • UI, Interaction, and Design Principles
  • Wireframing
  • Design Systems
  • Style Guides
  • Activities 
  • Mentor Session

Module 5 

  • High Fidelity Mockups
  • Prototype & Test
  • Activities
  • Mentor Session

Module 6 

  • Case Study
  • Portfolio Building
  • Activities
  • Mentor Session


  • The Basics
  • About Section
  • Case Study
  • Build It

What People Are Saying:

Maca has taught me so many valuable lessons that have shaped my learning tremendously. Her expertise and leadership in the field has really shown in our mentorship. From user research methods, conducting user interviews, sketching/building wireframes, testing prototypes, and so much more, she always had constructive, thought-provoking feedback that helped me really understand the reasons behind certain methodologies. She isn't the type of mentor who says "Change this to look like this and do it this way" but she gives genuine prompts that allow myself to solve the problem so I have a better foundation of my learning, rather than just copying a mentor's idea. I remember when I first started the mentorship, I told Maca that I respond best to direct feedback, not sugar-coating. Her feedback has been above and beyond what I was expecting from a mentor. It's personal, respectful, straight-forward and challenging, basically every attribute you could ever hope for from a mentor's feedback. She has a real gift for mentoring and providing feedback in a way that nourishes growth.


I believe Maca's mentoring has been the key ingredient in growing my UX skills. Not only has her feedback and critique been thorough, but she has extended beyond teaching me the base skills and included very valuable career and "life skill" advice that comes from true experience. Hands down the most important growth I've had in my career to date and I would not hesitate to work with her again.


Maca is awesome! I am having a terrific experience in the course and I am learning a ton. The best thing about Maca is that she will always reply with excellent feedback. I am very excited about this field and I am happy Maca is guiding me in this UX journey.