Student Success Stories

Serina Murphy

Occupational Therapist turned Product Designer

"Be prepared to work hard, but know that you are safe because Maca is right in your corner! She is flexible and very approachable with any questions or concerns you may have. You get what you put in and I'm very grateful for the experience!"

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Codey Smith

Digital Content & E-Commerce Specialist

"I have been considering doing a UX course for a while now. Most courses were way too expensive too consider or too long. After weeks of searching I found Avocademy. And I’m so glad I did. Great price and the perfect length.
It’s is a very practical course so you jump right into the portfolio project and learn as you go. I am a learn by doing type of person so this was perfect for me. My mentor was so helpful in our sessions, and always quick to reply when I reached out on slack. This was exactly what I needed to jump into my UX career. "

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Kelsey Horowitz

Recent College Graduate / HR Assistant

"Avocademy is a great course for anyone looking to start out in UX Design. I like that it is structured, so I can check off my readings and activities along the way. Maca (my mentor) has also been really responsive, and always answers my messages. She is always willing to help, and has even recorded some personal tutorial videos for me to explain how to do something on Figma (the design software). I also feel like her feedback is constructive, professional, and personable, and you can talk to her through video chat, or her new Slack Community group she created (which is also cool to see the other people in the class)."

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Kenny Tran

Research Background

"The Mentoring sessions are always helpful because your questions are fully answered with extra support and you leave the session feeling fulfilled. I would definitely recommend this course to someone wanting to start off in the UX/UI field."

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Natalie Robinson

Marketing & Advertising Focus to UX Designer

"I come from a Marketing & Advertising background with no experience and little knowledge about UX/UI, but after learning with Avocademy and Maca I could not be happier with the experience I had. Maca is a great teacher and was nothing but kind and super helpful in helping me learn and navigate my way through the course. She was flexible, available and answered any question I had. Avocademy is a great choice to learn UX/UI that's both affordable and works with your schedule."

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Kevin Hanst

Recent Graduate (Economics Background)

"For my little experience as a designer, working with Maca was extremely helpful in learning the basic principles of UX/UI Design and having her by my side every step of the way was very reassuring. This program allowed me to get right into practicing these design principles and create a project from beginning to end while also developing my first portfolio. It was a great first step into becoming a full-fledged designer that was both affordable and flexible to work with."

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Alex Infante

Claims Specialist

"Maca is wonderful! The context alone is so helpful for a beginner. Extremely thorough, and the source material is so varied that you're able to process and apply immediately to the activities that follow. The activities aren't just for learning but they also end up making up your entire portfolio piece. All in all, I learned so much, and having Maca available for questions and feedback really built my confidence by the time I was done. I can't wait to reference and apply the material for future projects!"

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Jesse DuFresne

Web Developer

"I had a great experience at Avocademy, learning about UI/UX design and research methods. I chose this course because it was online, self-paced, well structured, and super flexible. Going through entire UX design/research process was great experience. Throughout the course I worked on a capstone project that let me put those skills into action. I was able to design and prototype an iPad application that serves as a public domain sheet music library. In addition to this, having a great mentor throughout the course was awesome. Maca was extremely flexible, understanding, and knowledgeable. Overall, I am glad that I took this course to further my skills in UI/UX design and research."

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