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Breaking Barriers and Creating Opportunities

Bridging the gap in tech education

Breaking Barriers and Creating Opportunities

Bridging the gap in tech education

Making UX education accessible

We understand the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities, and are committed to fostering diversity and inclusing within the tech industry.


Our Scholarship Impact

In 2023, Avocademy awarded 257 scholarships, totaling about $647,000 distributed to over 257 students.

Parent Empowerment Scholarship

 We recognize the invaluable role you play as a parent or guardian and we want to celebrate and support you as you navigate a new career path.

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Our scholarships are awarded on a tiered system


$2997 towards course cost*


$1500 towards course cost*


$1000 towards course cost*

*Only 1 scholarship may be applied per enrollment. Scholarships can only be applied to the UX/UI Foundations Program.

Student Success Scholarship

Our student and graduate scholarship is our celebration of your existing skills and an invitation to take the next step to a career in UX Design.

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Drive to Thrive Scholarship

We're excited to offer a scholarship opportunity empowering freelancers and independent professionals to enhance their skills and thrive in a tech career.

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Black History Month Scholarship

Fostering inclusivity in UX design, our Black History Month scholarship provides financial support to empower aspiring designers from the Black community to shape the future of user experience.

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New Years Resolution Scholarship

Created to provide assistance to anyone who is considered traditionally underrepresented, this scholarship is your opportunity to break barriers and make your mark in the world of UX Design.

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