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Avocademy x Turazo: A Partnership Fueling Diversity in Tech

career change diversity in tech land a job Nov 17, 2023

We’re excited to announce a collaboration between Avocademy and Turazo, designed to seamlessly connect our students with employers through an innovative hiring network.

This collaboration holds immense potential for our students as they navigate their job search. Avocademy is dedicated to preparing UX design students by immersing them in real-world projects and providing interview preparation. For our mission of fostering diversity in tech to thrive, it's crucial not only to nurture talent but also to ensure a successful transition for our students from learning to earning.

The collaboration with Turazo facilitates precisely that transition, offering students a bridge to the professional world where they can connect with potential employers.

Furthermore, for employers and hiring managers in search of top emerging UX talent, this network is a game-changing resource. Turazo's platform provides employers with a direct channel to connect with Avocademy's students, who bring cutting-edge skills and fresh perspectives to the table. 

Together, we are shaping a future where workplace inclusivity and innovation thrive, creating a tech industry that reflects the richness of our global community.

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