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Product Manager and UX Designer-What's the Difference?

Jan 25, 2023

Some argue that there are not many differences between a product manager and a UX designer, while others wholeheartedly disagree. In actuality, there are many similarities and differences between the two roles. A product manager and UX designer...

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Q&A with Avocademy Alumna: Tanya Yuen

Dec 27, 2022

Career changes can be scary, right? It comes with uncertainty and new beginnings which is not easy for most people. However, more people are recently making the conscious choice to leave and pursue a new career path that will hopefully improve...

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Different Roles in UX and UI Design

Dec 22, 2022

The UX and UI design field has fully blossomed over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As the UX and UI design field continues to expand, more roles are being created to fit the needs of the career field. Not only...

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Q&A with Avocademy Alumna: Morgan Olmos

Dec 03, 2022

 Here at the Guac Blog we wanted to take a moment to spotlight another Avocademy graduate, Morgan Olmos, who shares her journey to becoming a UX Researcher. Morgan went from a background in illustration, Spanish education, and SEO freelance...

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The 5 Best Tech Companies to Work For And Why

Sep 20, 2022

The media often glamorizes working in tech. You may have seen sitcoms depicting tech giants with all the latest devices, creative hangout areas, and full-service cafeterias. The reality is not always free snacks and employees taking naps on bean...

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Web Design vs UX/UI Design

Aug 30, 2022

Are you a web designer with an identity crisis? You’re not alone. It is common these days to have a career encompassing different tech and web design aspects. Maybe you are a freelancer, perhaps you do web design but also coding, maybe...

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Industrial Design vs. User Experience Design

Aug 17, 2022

Whether you’re deciding what career is right for you, changing careers, or changing disciplines within a field, understanding and weighing out your options is a good first step in making your decision. Natural skills, cost, education...

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Digital Marketing or UX/UI Design: What’s the Best Path?

Jul 20, 2022

If you have found yourself at a fork in the road and may be considering UX/UI design and digital marketing, it’s important to understand each career in depth. In doing so, it’s best to understand the basics, such as the earnings in...

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Will I be Able to Pivot Careers Into UX/UI Design Without Any Design Experience?

Jul 18, 2022


If you are looking to change careers, UX/UI design might be the perfect avenue for you to begin a new journey. In the field, there are a number of different skill sets that are great tools to acquire in order to be successful in UX/UI, and...

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Why Psych Majors Make Great UX/UI Designers?

Jun 22, 2022


Critical thinking is something that is sought after in many fields of study. One group of people that are widely known for being great critical thinkers are those with degrees in psychology. Having the ability to ask the questions that get...

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