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book review inspiring designers Don't Make Me Think Book Review

“Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology.” – Steve Krug 


The book, ...

Jun 15, 2023
inspiring designers salary tech field tools How Do I Choose the Right UX Bootcamp for me?

So, you’ve decided to enroll in a UX design bootcamp, but how do you choose the right fit for you? There are so many bootcamps to choose...

Apr 24, 2023
inspiring designers Help Others Become UX Designers with Avocademy

As Avocademy continues to grow we invite you to collaborate with us. Help us transform lives as an avo-ambassador. Find out how to join, win prizes...

Jan 31, 2023
inspiring designers ux designers 5 Famous and Inspiring UX Designers to Follow

When people first hear the term UX Design, they may think it’s a newer field and not that big a deal but It is! UX Design has been around for...

Jan 22, 2023


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