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Is Figma Difficult to Learn?

Jul 26, 2022

What is Figma?

Figma is a tool used by UX/UI designers to help create graphics and outlines for media. Think of it as a drawing board for trial and error. As for graphics, these can be created and then utilized as they are in Figma. When it comes...

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How to Write a UX/UI Design Resume: Tips and Tricks

Jun 30, 2022

UX/UI design is an extremely rewarding and fruitful career choice for those who are starting fresh as an entry-level UX/UI designer and those who are pivoting to a UX/UI career change. This is for many reasons, for starters, companies are itching...

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How to Explain UX/UI Design to Friends and Family?

Jun 27, 2022

As the digital era becomes more in-depth by day, there are some aspects that people and our family members may not understand about our career choices. UX/UI is somewhat new and could be a completely forging idea for those who are not fully...

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What is a UX Design Challenge?

Jan 30, 2022

Design challenges are a common part of landing your first UX job. Although they can be intimidating, these challenges are an excellent tool for expanding your skills and showing off your talent to potential employers.

In this installment of the...

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Can I Get a UX Job With No Experience?

Oct 07, 2021

It’s challenging to be an entry-level candidate. Whether you’re a lawyer or a postal worker, landing your first job and moving up the ladder takes months of dedication.

As with any industry, landing your first UX/UI job offer can be...

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13 Top-Tier UX Design Portfolios to Learn From

Aug 25, 2021

The hiring process for UX professionals is somewhat different from other fields. In addition to a resume, cover letter, and references, UX candidates need to submit a portfolio with nearly every application. 

 A UX portfolio showcases...

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5 Common UX Portfolio Mistakes to Avoid

Aug 10, 2021

In the world of UX design, having a polished professional portfolio is essential to success. While a good resume may get the hiring manager’s attention, your portfolio should inspire them to schedule an interview. Without a good portfolio,...

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How to Navigate Imposter Syndrome as a UX Designer

Jun 14, 2021

Since the term was coined in the 1970s, imposter syndrome has become part of the academic and professional lexicon around the globe. 

Imposter syndrome refers to feelings of inadequacy in the workplace. People experiencing imposter syndrome...

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Are UX Design Bootcamps worth it?

Jun 11, 2021

In order to become a UX designer, like with any career, you are going to need some training. You should have a good understanding of what a UX designer does. You’ll need to learn how to do tasks from product research to wireframing to user...

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How Long Does it Take To Learn UX Design? Three Pathways for Success

Jun 08, 2021

Learning is a process. To gain new skills, you have to invest time and effort into study and practice. But how much time and effort does it take to become a UX designer? 

It depends on your approach. In this article, we’ll walk you...

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