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education short tips What is Typography in UX/UI Design?

What is Typography?

Typography, in short, is a way of arranging text and numerics to add to the readability of a document or medium. This could...

Aug 11, 2022
short 3 Common UX/UI Design Myths, Busted

While most people understand careers like graphic design or web development, UX design still causes some head-scratching among the general public....

Aug 16, 2021
short Thinking About a Career Change? Try a UX Design Bootcamp

So you want to make a career change. Great, now you have to take 2-4 years of your life to go back to school and hand over some serious cash,...

Jul 29, 2021
short How to Become a UX Designer with Avocademy

So you are thinking about becoming a UX designer. Now your question is probably, how would I even become one if I did decide to pursue UX design?...

Jul 28, 2021
short 3 Reasons You Should Learn UX Design

 While it may not be for everyone, UX design can be for anyone. UX design is a great career for anyone who likes getting creative, making a...

Jul 27, 2021


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