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3 Reasons You Should Learn UX Design

short Jul 27, 2021
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 While it may not be for everyone, UX design can be for anyone. UX design is a great career for anyone who likes getting creative, making a comfortable salary, and doing work that matters.  

 If you’re looking for reasons to explore UX career paths or thinking about joining a UX bootcamp, read on. Here are three great reasons to learn UX design.


 1. It’s a Creative Career Path

At first glance, user experience design might seem like any other nondescript career in technology: vague, complicated, and not exactly exciting. To the general public, working in user experience may sound wholly unappealing. 

However, if you take the time to research the daily life of a UX designer, you will find that UX is actually an exciting career!  

UX design is, after all, a design profession. Workers in this field get to flex their creative muscles. Along with more logical tasks like research and user testing, UX designers get to do imaginative work like ideation and sketching. 

If you’re looking for a career that’s creative and analytical, UX design is a great choice! You don’t have to have an artistic background, either. Anyone who likes to solve visual problems can succeed in UX, even if you’re terrible with a paintbrush. 

As a tech career, UX design is also fast-paced and ever-changing. UX pros never stay on one project for long, and they have to constantly learn new skills and tools to keep up with design trends. In short, UX design is the opposite of boring.


 2. UX Skills are In High Demand

As a UX designer, your skills will be extremely valuable to many employers.  

Any company needs to please its customers to stay in business. As a UX designer, you’ll make sure that users have an enjoyable, effective experience with a product. Knowing what makes customers tick keeps your company competitive and makes you a great asset to any team. 

This isn’t conjecture— companies understand the importance of UX design. In fact, a recent LinkedIn report found that UX was among the top ten most desired skills hiring managers sought in 2020. 

Companies are willing to pay for UX skills, too. As of 2021, the average base UX design salary was $74,500/year, and there were 22,000 open UX roles in the United States posted on Indeed and Glassdoor. 

If job security and a good paycheck are important to you, UX design is a fantastic career choice. 


3. You Get to Help People

Another great reason to learn UX design is that this career makes a difference in people’s lives. 

UX designers don’t just build apps for pleasure or shopping. They work to make digital tools more user-friendly. As a UX professional, your designs can help users accomplish essential activities that improve their quality of life.

For example, you could help a healthcare company design an app that makes it easier for patients to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Or, you could help a nonprofit design a way to collect online donations and support a worthy cause.  

No matter the project, UX designers empathize with the end-users. They constantly look for ways to make products easier to navigate to better meet users’ needs. 

If you want a career that makes a difference, consider learning UX design!


Ready to Learn UX Design?

At Avocademy, we believe anyone can learn UX design. People from many different backgrounds find a home in this exciting and rewarding field. If you’re ready to start a new chapter, schedule a mentorship session today!


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