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Examples of UX Portfolios That Will Get You Hired

how to skills Jan 24, 2023

As a UX designer, your portfolio represents who you are as a designer and your skill set. Portfolios help UX recruiters determine who is fit for the role. They also help you show off your projects so you can land the job. Creating a UX design portfolio can be a daunting process for new designers. Luckily, Avocademy prides itself in helping its students build career-winning portfolios.

The guac blog sends congratulations to all our graduates. We would like to showcase their amazing portfolios. These Avocademy alumni are now actively working as UX designers and got the job with their polished portfolios. 


How to Make a Job-Worthy UX/UI Portfolio?

Before you start your portfolio process, you will need three to four projects under your belt. These projects can include both mock and real-world projects. Have at least one real-world experience reflected in your portfolio, the more, the better. Each project should have a completed case study. Now once you have all of your materials gathered you input everything into a portfolio builder of your choosing. 

 Learn more about the best portfolio builders for UX designers.

After you have selected your portfolio builder, it's time to set up your site. Your site should consist of a home page, an about me, and a resume. If you have a lot of projects, you could make an additional portfolio page for all of your other projects. The home page should consist of a small intro and your top three to four projects. The about me page is where you can share a little bit more about yourself, your hobbies, interests, and goals. This is where you display some of your personality. Lastly, your resume page should include your most updated resume and a link to your LinkedIn. Make sure your portfolio is error free and presentable for employers.


Portfolio Process in Brief:

Step 1: Have three to four completed projects for your portfolio

Step 2: Select a portfolio builder

Step 3: Build your portfolio

  1. Homepage
  2. About Me
  3. Resume
  4. Projects

Step 4: Add case studies to each project

Step 5: Edit the portfolio

Step 6: Share with employers


Avocademy Alumni Portfolio Showcase

*Click images to browse through portfolios

Ashley Mauzy


Shubheksha Sharma


Bianca Russo


Tyler Zierk


Charles Williams


Can Avocademy Help You Build Your UX Portfolio?

Yes, Avocademy will help you build your UX portfolio!  With Avocademy you create three projects for your portfolio. In the UX/UI foundations, you will work on your first case study. You will receive guidance and mentorship to access your work. Afterward, your case study will be ready to upload as the first project in your portfolio. Next, you work on two real-world projects with a career jumpstart program. You will finish with a competitive portfolio.

 Click here to view more Avocademy Student Portfolios. 



We would like to congratulate our Avocademy alumni and wish them luck in their UX design careers. You could also start a career in UX design once you build a strong portfolio. Join Avocademy for valuable skills and experience needed for your portfolio.  


Ready to Build Your UX Design Portfolio?

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Jamir Williams is an educator, writer and aspiring UX Designer. She likes her avocados in a spicy guacamole.

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