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How long does it take to break into tech?

bootcamps career change Aug 11, 2023

If you are considering a career in tech, one of the first questions you might have is: how long does it take? The answer to that question varies depending on what you want to do in the tech field. But, the good news is that there are so many bootcamps, and free online sources that you can utilize to help you determine the time you are willing to invest in yourself to make that transition. 


How do you break into Tech?

There are various ways to break into the tech world– bootcamps, accelerated coding programs, or learning on your own using free resources. The amount of time you are willing to invest into any of these options will greatly affect the length of time it will take you to land a job in tech. Making sure that you have set goals for what you want to do in the tech field is an important first step, and will also help you figure out what specific area interests you the most. Next, learning the fundamentals of the field you’d like to enter is important because these skills are what will make you stand out once you start looking for a job. Then, make sure you build a portfolio that demonstrates the skills you have acquired. Making sure that you have a portfolio will ensure that you can stand out to future employers. Lastly, make sure that you are networking. Making sure to engage with others in the field is a good leeway to both learn more about the field you are interested in and to gain possible job referrals. 


What types of factors affect the length of time it takes to break into tech? 

There are many external and internal factors that contribute to the length of time that it might take for you to fully transition into the tech world. External factors such as the type of program, bootcamp, or free resources you use, time spent taking care of your family, and time spent at work will affect the time needed to invest in learning the skills you need to be able to enter the tech field you are interested in. Internal factors such as how much energy, time, and money you are willing to invest in making this transition are also important matters to consider. Also, consider how much self-aptitude and motivation impacts how long it might take you to learn these new skills. Everyone learns differently, and at a different pace– some grasp new skills quickly, and others take a little while longer. Both are okay. Maintaining a positive attitude, and staying motivated helps with overcoming any obstacles that might come from this process. 


What is the importance of Skill Development and Education to break into tech?

It is important to be able to show future employers the skills that you have acquired because most tech based recruiters want to see that you have the skills you will bring to their company. With the technology world constantly evolving, big tech companies look for candidates that have relevant skills that serve the current market. Professionals in tech are often tasked with problems that require problem-solving and critical thinking skills, so it is important to develop these skills before seeking a job in tech. Acquiring relevant skills and education not only increases your knowledge but also boosts your confidence in your abilities. It provides you with a sense of credibility and competence, which can be beneficial during job interviews, networking events, and when interacting with industry professionals. 


What types of resources and tools can you utilize to accelerate your entry into Tech?

There are so many resources and tools that can be utilized to learn various technical skills. Enrolling in a tech bootcamp may be the fastest route into breaking into a role in tech, however; due to the fact that they are shorter you go through material at a more accelerated pace. Also, bootcamps are not the only resources available for you to learn the skills needed to enter the field of tech. There are also online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, edX, and LinkedIn that offer various tech courses. Reading tech blogs, and online publications can be useful tools in keeping you updated with the latest trends and news in the field. Also, making use of social media and networking opportunities can offer opportunities to meet professionals and mentors in the field. 


What is the role of bootcamps and accelerated programs in breaking into tech? 

Bootcamps and accelerated programs can help you achieve your goal of transitioning into tech quicker than perhaps you learning on your own. By enrolling in a bootcamp or accelerated program, you will have a clear timeline on when you might finish learning the skills needed in order to find a job in tech. Bootcamps and accelerated programs tend to focus on teaching the skills needed to be job-ready and are applicable in the tech industry. They also emphasize hands-on learning, so that students engage in real-life projects that help them build a portfolio. Also, many bootcamps and accelerated programs maintain relationships with tech companies, which means that they can offer students opportunities to meet with potential employers. 

As you are making the decision to transition into the tech world, make sure to take all the factors mentioned here into consideration. Although, wanting to break into tech at an accelerated pace might be the goal for whatever reasons, making sure that you can invest enough time and energy into whichever route you decide is key to breaking into the tech world. 

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