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Can Copywriters Make Good UX/UI Designers?

career change Jun 01, 2022

Career switches are hard, especially when you feel like you don’t have the experience needed to break into a new industry. It almost feels like going backwards and getting stuck at square one with an entry level job. Luckily, you can easily find skills that are transferable to UX/UI design, and this article will show you how copywriters can quickly become UX designers!

What is UX/UI Design?

To start, it is important to explain exactly what UX and UI design are. UX stands for user experience and is focused on just that - creating a positive experience between the user and all products, including physical products, mobile applications, and websites. UX designers are focused on their user’s needs in product design, working hard to ensure consumers will be satisfied with the final product.

UI design is slightly different. User interface (UI) designers work on UX, but on a higher level. Where UX designers focus on the structural elements of the design, UI designers are focused on the visual level. These two can sometimes be confusing, so you can check out our earlier article showcasing the differences between UX and UI!

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of marketing communication, used to develop persuasive content that helps generate leads and sales. “Copy” refers to original written marketing content, which you can find as written content on websites, mobile apps, and other areas where marketing might be prevalent. Copywriting educates a consumer through a product and helps them realize the benefits the product can have for them. The overarching goals of copywriting include: inspiring the user, creating a relationship with the user, and motivating the user to utilize the product or brand.

What skills are transferable from Copywriting to UX/UI Design?

While it may seem UX designer and copywriting are two separate fields, there is actually quite a bit of overlap in regards to the skills needed to succeed.

Communication skills

Both copywriters and UX designers require good communication skills in order to do their jobs effectively. Copywriters need good communication in order to create the best copy for their clients and reader. Similarly, UX design requires communication in order to have a healthy relationship with their teams and also their end-user.

Writing skills

It may come as no surprise that copywriting requires some level of writing skills, but the same is also true for UX designers! A subset of UX design is UX writing - which takes those writing skills to a new level. But even in basic design, having those written communication skills is incredibly important to showcase your design and how it benefits your user.

Creative thinking

Copywriters need creativity in order to produce written content. UX designers need creativity to think of new ideas and solutions to solving user problems. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with original ideas help benefit the end user or reader in both careers, making creative thinking a crucial skill to have for success.


Going hand in hand with communication is collaboration. Both copywriters and UX designers work on teams and will have to work alongside other coworkers to get the job done. Being able to work amicably and effectively with a partner or a group will take a project further than just by itself. Collaboration allows for new perspectives, making it an important skill for both copywriters and UX/UI designers.

There are many more skills that can overlap between copywriting and UX design. Here is a good list of copywriting skills and here is one for UX design skills. Knowing where your skills align is the first step in a successful career move.

With career moves, figuring out where you fit is important in making the leap to a new path. Are you ready to see where you fit in UX design? Schedule a free mentor call to learn more about how Avocademy can help you achieve your career goals!


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