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Flatiron vs Avocademy UX/UI Bootcamp Review

education Aug 26, 2022

More and more people are realizing they do not have to stick with an unfulfilling career. It is easy to feel stuck or frustrated with your options when in this position. That is why bootcamps are changing the way we look at education and careers. 

What are UX/UI Design Bootcamps?

Bootcamps are intensive programs aimed at teaching any level of professional a new skill. UX/UI bootcamps teach students the UX Design process, how to build a portfolio, and other related skills. The UX process includes research, problem-solving, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and using design tools.


Today we will be comparing two highly rated UX Design Bootcamps. 


Why is UX Design Important?

UX Design is essential for businesses to connect with the user and ensure they have a positive experience. There is nothing worse than an amazing product that you cannot use because the website is so poorly designed, confusing, or missing key components.  On the end of the spectrum, the feeling a user gets after using a beautifully designed, seamless, and clear-to-the-point website is priceless.


User Experience Design is important because it allows the user to feel valued, and connected, and fulfills the needs of the user.


What factors are important when choosing a Bootcamp?

Career assistance -  It can be tricky to know where to start your job search, what titles to look for, how to negotiate salary, and prepare for interviews. Even if you have experience searching for jobs, each field is completely different. For example, a User Experience Designer will have to present their portfolio of work during an interview and walk the interviewers through it. 

Projects/real-world experience - Having real-world projects in your portfolio shows that you are an experienced UX Designer and can apply what you’ve learned in a bootcamp to the outside world. 

Mentorship - A mentor can make or break a bootcamp experience. A mentor will serve as someone to give feedback, answer questions, and relate to throughout your UX process. 

Pace - Maybe you are still working a full-time job or are a new parent needing to spend time with your family. Whatever the case, the pace of your bootcamp matters.

Cost - Unfortunately, these factors limit many people from going after their goals. Bootcamps are definitely worth the cost if it is within your means. Luckily, there are affordable bootcamps out there like Avocademy.

How does the UX/UI Product Design program at Flatiron work?

Flatiron offers two options for enrollment part-time (40 weeks) or full-time (15 weeks). Flatiron also gives the option of in-person learning in addition to online. The full-time program is synchronous Monday through Friday. This program teaches students the basics of UX Design along with some coding (HTML and CSS),  and how to showcase your work.


How does Avocademy UX/UI Compare to Flatiron Product Design Bootcamp?


Flatiron (Designation)



15 - 40 weeks

(full time vs part-time)

8 weeks

Real World Experience



Career assistance




Yes - limited

Yes - unlimited


Self Paced

Self Paced

Course report rating and review






Is Avocademy better than Flatiron?

Each of these bootcamps offers a comprehensive curriculum on UX/UI Design. The right bootcamp for you is dependent on your current needs and flexibility. However, it is important to consider all the options and factors when choosing.


If you have the time to dedicate to your bootcamp and learn better with someone to hold you accountable, then flatiron could be right for you. Flatiron offers mentorship and career assistance however these are limited to the weeks right before the end of the course. While this is still helpful, the students are not receiving guidance throughout the course and working on their projects.


Avocademy has a shockingly low price tag for the curriculum and resources you are getting. They aim to offer boocamps that are accessible to anyone interested. It is also completely self-paced, which is a huge plus if you are already working another job. If you need flexibility and would like to save money, Avocademy is the best choice.


The first section from Avocademy is an 8-week UX/UI Foundations program offering students unlimited mentorship throughout. That means your mentor will be invested in you the entire time and available to answer any of your questions. Once you’ve completed this portion, the next is their Career Jumpstart Program. In this portion, students will make a job search plan, collaborate with other students, and gain career assistance.


If you’re still not sure which bootcamp is right for you, check out our other article comparing the most popular UX Design bootcamps of 2022.

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