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How Do You Break Into Tech?

Jun 01, 2023

Technology is a trillion-dollar industry with millions of workers, yet it still has a demand for more skilled talent. Considering the progressive nature of the industry, it's understandable why there has been an increased popularity. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been a catalyst in giving insight into the value of working in technology, including the earning potential and how fulfilling many have found their careers to be. So, it's no surprise that technology is among the chosen industries of the 70% of working individuals reportedly open to a career change.


What is the Tech Industry and Why is it a Lucrative Career Option?

Tech is short for the technology industry. However, it is the makeup of software development, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and other areas that play a role in shaping the economy including how individuals interact with each other and live their lives.

It's quite a significant sector that is constantly evolving. Multiple companies play a role in today's tech efforts, meaning quite a few companies to set your sights on if you are thinking of breaking into a new tech career.


What Skills and Qualifications are Required to Break into Tech?

The demand to fulfill the growing number of tech positions has made it much easier for interested individuals to transition into a career in tech. Whereas previous career paths may have required a traditional route of attending college and securing a degree, today, one can learn valuable skills in many ways. Available career paths include self-taught via the numerous available self-paced courses or by attending a boot camp. Bootcamps are 6-10 weeks of intensive training. Some include guided teachings that allow an individual to learn valuable skills for a new career path.

While there are industry-specific skills, understand that the transferable skills you bring from a current career field are significant and will help lay a foundation for a tech career.


How to Identify Your Career Path in the Tech Industry?

The tech industry is vast. So, first thing first, ask yourself a few questions such as ‘What do I enjoy?’ ‘How can I be a part of a solution to a problem I am passionate about?’

There may be more, but those are a few to help bring into focus where you’d like to start in the tech field. From there, research quality boot camps that can help you identify the right career path for you and help you get there.

Example: If you are passionate about how people interact with products in one way or another, UX Researcher or UX/UI design may be ideal for you.


Are you Ready to Jumpstart your New Career Path?

Starting a new tech career can be exciting, and if you aren't sure exactly where you would like to start, it can be a bit overwhelming. We understand that, and our focus is helping you cut through the noise. If you believe UX/UI may be your starting point or would like to explore the possibility, schedule a mentor call and let us help you strategize.

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