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Iron Hack Bootcamp Review

review Mar 04, 2022

When looking into building the skills needed to break into UX/UI design, it is essential for you to consider what Bootcamp or mentorship programs will meet your needs. Unsure of the pros and cons? No worries, we’re here to break it down for you. Today, we’ll look at Iron Hack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp program so you can decide which program is the best fit for you.


What is Iron Hack?

Iron Hack is an educational learning company helping students develop skills to break into the tech field with additional data analytics and web development programs. With various programs available, Iron Hack is not focused on just UX design alone.

The program is built for career professionals looking to make a career switch or build up their resumes. The UX design Bootcamp is available to be completed part-time, allowing students to network while still working full time.


How much does Iron Hack cost?

The costs depend on the location of the program. There are program locations all across the globe. Looking specifically at the remote programs in the United States: There are differing financial assistance options for Iron Hack’s programs; however, all cost over $10k in the end. Students can take out various types of loans. There is an option for interest-free loans, making 4 payments of $3,000 with a $500 deposit.

Is this a hefty price tag? Avocademy offers a Foundations course for $2,997, along with payment options available for those who may not be able to front the cost immediately.


How long does Iron Hack take?

The Iron Hack UX design Bootcamp can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months, depending on the time allocated to it. There is also work to be completed before starting the official Bootcamp program, and completion of this work impacts your start into Iron Hack. The pre-work is a 40-hour online training program that introduces you to the basics of UX/UI design. You will complete projects such as a website redesign and usability evaluations.

If you are looking for a shorter program to fit within your schedule, Avocademy’s courses will take you just 8 to16 weeks to finish.


What projects or experiences do you get from Iron Hack?

Iron Hack’s Bootcamp is divided into three main modules, with a major project due at the end of each module. Module 1 preps students to understand user experience and requires them to manage a product design on their own. Module 2 introduces the student to designing user interfaces completing a project in website design. This project involves animation and skills learned in the pre-work and Module 1. Lastly, the Module 3 will help students learn design implementation. The project in this module has students working alongside real companies to develop a product that solves their chosen problem.

Wanting to interact with other students as well? Avocademy’s courses require collaboration with others, not just your mentor or the company you are working with. This collaboration is more in line with what is required of many UX/UI designers.


Does Iron Hack offer job search help? 

Yes, Iron Hack helps students get matched up with other tech companies to look for career opportunities. The project within their final module also aids students in their job search, as they are able to work alongside a real company and develop their skills as they would in a career. It allows the company to be aware of the student and consider them for future roles.

Avocademy also offers job search aid, providing students with assistance even after finishing their coursework. There is a Career Jumpstart program available after the completion of the UX design foundations course, with no upfront cost required. We offer a $0 upfront payment and then $5500 paid on the day of graduation (paid over 6-36 months).


How does Avocademy stack up?

Take a look at the chart below to see how the two bootcamps compare with each other: 



Iron Hack




Length of Program

8 to 16 weeks 

3 to 6 months

Number of Projects



Real World Experience

Yes (Career Jumpstart)


Student Collaboration



Job Search Help








When it comes to picking the suitable UX/UI design Bootcamp, it boils down to what works best with your goals. Whether you want a more in-depth versus collaborative program, your needs will help you determine which program is a better fit. Choosing a program based on “what sounds nice” and not over what you actually need will hurt your chances of success. It is also important to consider not just the breakdown of the coursework but also the affordability of it. If you are on a tight budget, Iron Hack’s program may not be the best fit for you.


If you are looking for an inclusive, collaborative, personable program, Avocademy may be the best fit for you. With educated mentors willing to help, you are guaranteed to learn the necessary skills needed for UX/UI design. If you need affordability with great quality, Avocademy has got you covered. Interested yet? You can schedule a free mentor call today! From here, Avocademy can help you determine what you need to be a successful UX designer.

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