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The truth about Avocademy

review Apr 01, 2024

With the advent of accessible technology, there are now increased risks of finding scammy or illegitimate offers online. When looking for online UX bootcamps, unfortunately, some scammers use too-good-to-be-true deals to phish for information: personal addresses, payment information, and other data that can be used to steal identities or hack into accounts. 

Have you stumbled across Avocademy in your search and want to know if it’s a scam? We’re here to tell you no! Avocademy is 100% legit, and this article will provide more information to help you in your decision-making process.

What is Avocademy?

Avocademy is a company that offers an accessible UX design bootcamp for emerging professionals. Whereas other bootcamps charge anywhere up to $10k and/or take over half a year to complete, Avocademy is here to simplify the process for the working professional and allow everyone of all backgrounds access into a tech role.

Avocademy offers a two-step bootcamp. In step one, students enroll in an 8 to 16-week foundations course. In this step, students learn about the fundamentals of UX/UI research and design, along with working on a portfolio piece, building their portfolios, and writing resumes. Unlimited mentorship is offered throughout this step. The total cost of this is $2,997, with payment plans available for students. 

The second step is a Career Jumpstart: 8 weeks of real-world portfolio building plus 2-6 months for job searching. In this step, students build a job search plan, collaborate with other students, and learn how to negotiate salaries and other career skills. We offer a $0 upfront payment and then $5500 paid on the day of graduation (paid over 6-36 months).

Does Avocademy Get Good Reviews?

Yes! Avocademy has obtained a near-perfect review on Course Report from past students. A common remark is that Avocademy contains excellent mentorship, with the one-on-one collaboration between mentor and student providing a one-of-a-kind experience to learn in. 

Avocademy also likes to boast its accessibility - where other online (or even in-person) bootcamps are listed outside of an average Americans’ price range. For example, a bootcamp from Iron Hack or Brainstation can cost a student anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. Avocademy opens the tech doors to a wide range of backgrounds, with the pricing at $2,997. Students remark on the accepting environment, which helps foster the mindset of diversity and inclusion, much-needed traits in tech.

What about the Negative Reviews?

Like all programs, some students are dissatisfied. When looking at negative reviews, many students just comment on the uncertainty they feel towards Avocademy. They, too, ask the question: Is this legit? Avocademy has only been around since 2020, making it challenging to wrack up tens of thousands of reviews other well-established bootcamps have. However, don’t let the newness fool you: Avocademy continues to grow and offer successful placements for its students. 

So, is Avocademy a scam? Short answer, no. The long answer, is absolutely not, and Avocademy offers a wide range of support so all graduates can climb their way to the top of the tech ladder. Interested in whether Avocademy could be the right fit for you? Schedule a free mentor call today to begin your UX design career search!

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