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Why Humanities Grads Make Great UX Designers?

career change Mar 20, 2022

You’re probably wondering whether you can use a certain type of skillset in UX design, even if it’s not related to tech. If you’re looking for a career change, will a degree in Humanities studies help you in UX design? The answer is: yes! Not only do Humanities grads make great UX designers, but their well-rounded skillset is something that is crucial to UX design. There are many wonderful characteristics about Humanities grads, we’ll touch on about three examples in this article: Skillset, empathy, and new perspectives. 


What is UX Design?

So, what is UX Design? UX Design stands for User Experience Design. User Experience Designers work on the beginning-to-end process of designing a product that is enjoyable and accessible for a user. User Experience designers primarily deal with a consumer’s interaction with a product. They ask questions such as: How can I make this product more accessible? How can I make this product easier to use? They also have a role in designing web applications for websites. 


Transferable Skills

Well-Rounded Skillset

Firstly, Humanities grads are offered a wide range of courses where they can learn about the history of our world and the operations that we live by. To name a few: philosophy, history, politics, religion, art, language, and literature are just a few of the many eye-opening classes that give you the opportunity to delve into a craft and learn the skills acquired. Analyzing literature allows you to think critically. Learning about politics will enable you to learn about government structure. Humanities grads offer a unique skill set to companies that need a fresh take. Essentially, humanities grads analyze how humans interact with the world in these courses. 



Humanities learners’ have a wealth of information available to them and are more likely to take classes related to human beings and their emotions. This is critical in User Experience design. To look at a consumer’s perspective and ask what their needs are and if the product is fulfilling their needs is the central aspect of User Experience Design. 


New Perspectives

In addition to learning about new things, new places, and people, Humanities grads have access to information that may not be intuitive compared to other majors. For example, a sociology class will help a student learn about society's social interaction and fundamentals. How people interact is an essential part of UX design.


Comparison Between Humanities and UX/UI Design



Humanities Jobs

UX Design

Average Salary (entry)


$77, 108

Career Growth


8% growth

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree

No degree requirement


-real connections

-potential for bonuses

-hard and soft skills development

-be in a fast-growing field

-average $5000 sign-on bonus

If you have a humanities degree, don’t think of it as useless, think of it as something that will help you develop a great skillset, empathize with others, and gain fresh, new perspectives. 

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