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Will a UX Bootcamp Get Me a Job?

career change Nov 10, 2021
Will a UX Bootcamp Get Me a Job?

If you are pursuing a UX design career, you have probably researched many UX/UI bootcamps. From General Assembly to Designlab to Avocademy, choosing the right bootcamp can be overwhelming, especially considering the financial investment they entail. 

Before enrolling, most prospective students want to be sure that the bootcamp will lead to a UX design job. In this installment of The Guac, we’ll discuss tips to ensure your bootcamp is a good investment.  


Wait, What Is a UX Bootcamp? 

UX bootcamps are short-term, non-degree learning programs that introduce students to UX/UI concepts. Many bootcamps guide students through realistic UX design projects so they can begin building a portfolio. Most UX bootcamps are completely online, and they often include career mentorship and real client work to help students transition into the field. 

Check out this article to compare some of the best UX bootcamps currently available.  


Will a UX Bootcamp Get Me a Job?

Does enrolling in a UX design bootcamp ensure that you’ll land a UX design job upon completion? In short, it depends on a lot of factors, including the bootcamp’s structure, the actions you take, and a little bit of luck. 

Some bootcamps advertise a job placement guarantee, promising students that they will find a paid UX role upon graduation. For example, Interaction Design Foundation offers an employment guarantee program for students who complete three of their UX bootcamps. 

However, these types of promises often come with conditions and stipulations. Interaction Design students have to live in metropolitan areas with over 500,000 residents to qualify. Courses with job guarantees also tend to have higher price tags. As such, even if you join a bootcamp with a job placement guarantee, other factors like your location and finances can impact your job search.

Many bootcamps that do not necessarily guarantee job placement still offer career support. Avocademy, for example, features a Career Jumpstart Program that helps students perfect their portfolios and navigate the application process. Other programs like Springboard also help you network and build your LinkedIn profile. Even without a guarantee, these programs provide all of the tools and mentorship support you need to land an entry-level UX/UI role.  


The Bottom Line:

Most UX bootcamps cannot 100% guarantee that you’ll land a job. However, they can give you a huge head start! By choosing the right program and completing the required work, you can guarantee your own success in the job search. 


How to Find a UX Job Faster

If you’ve decided to become a UX designer, completing a bootcamp is an excellent first step. However, to speed up the process of finding your first UX/UI job, you’ll need to take a few extra steps. The following strategies can help accelerate your job search: 


Choose the Right Bootcamp for Your Needs

As you consider UX learning pathways, be sure to evaluate how much support you’ll need in the job search. If you don’t have a professional resume or have limited interviewing experience, you may want to choose a program that emphasizes one-on-one career guidance. 


Apply to Hundreds of Jobs

To land a job quickly, you’ll want to cast your net as widely as possible. Don’t apply for a few dozen of your “dream” UX/UI roles. Instead, apply to any opportunity you find remotely interesting. At Avocademy, we recommend applying to at least 200 openings to start getting interviews. 


Focus on Your Portfolio Over Cover Letters

Your UX design portfolio is interview bait. It provides hiring teams with an in-depth look at your project experience, and it tells your professional story. Sometimes, new designers spend most of their job search writing countless cover letters when their time would be better spent polishing their portfolio. To maximize your job search results, use your time wisely, and only write cover letters for competitive or highly desirable roles. 


Curious About Avocademy’s Career Support? Schedule a Free Mentorship Call!

At Avocademy, our number one goal is to help students start their UX/UI careers. We provide career guidance, one-on-one mentoring, salary negotiation advice, and more. We want every student to find a role they love, and we work to help people of all backgrounds transition to the UX/UI industry. 

If you want to learn more about our career services, schedule a free mentorship session today! We’ll share details about our UX/UI Foundations Course and Career Jumpstart Program to help you decide the right path for you. Let’s guac about it!

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