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Are UX Bootcamps Worth It?

ux design bootcamp Apr 24, 2023

You may have decided to do something new, a little more exciting, and join the innovative world of technology- cue the hashtags for your new socials! Speaking of socials, you may have stumbled across the trending topic #UXdesign. What is that? How can you learn more about the multiple boot camps they're discussing? 


No worries, but dial it back a bit, and let's start from the beginning.


What Are UX Bootcamps, and Are They Worth the Investment?  

To weigh the worthiness of a UX/UI design boot camp, let's first explore UX/UI design itself. It focuses on how a product is designed and how you, the user, experience it.


So why do you need a boot camp to understand that?


For starters, a bootcamp is a condensed but comprehensive introduction to UX/UI design and how to facilitate its purpose. Unlike a traditional collegiate trajectory, a bootcamp curriculum is a focused path designed to support career transition and development. 


What to Expect from a UX Bootcamp and How to Make the Most of It? 

Bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular. They cut out the chatter. There are no electives or credit requirements to fulfill a specific number of credit hours for 'eligibility.' Instead, a bootcamp focuses on actual career development, teaching practical skills that will translate into the job market and other real-life career decisions.


While the direct-to-learning approach is a benefit, it's important to highlight some bold facts. Bootcamps are self-paced. Depending on individual discipline and commitment, a self-paced course can be a dream or a nightmare.


Additionally, depending on the bootcamp, the level of independent learning can range from self-paced learning with peer review to a more involved learning experience with expert mentor guidance and feedback.


Each of the above weighs heavily in determining the worthiness of a bootcamp because they are based on the individual learning style and needs, as well as establishing realistic expectations in terms of Design experience and development while learning skill-building techniques.


Are UX Bootcamps Suitable for Individuals with No Design Background?

Yes, and here's how and why. Technical skills can be taught, hence the bootcamp. But, just as importantly, many 'soft skills' such as communication, empathy, presentation, and numerous others translate from nearly any industry and prove useful (in most cases significantly necessary) in being successful in UX/UI design.


The fact that UX/UI design is considered to have a relatively low barrier of entry in terms of career transition could be a primary reason why so many individuals are diving into a career in design from other, unrelated industries.


Do Employers Value UX Bootcamp Graduates in the Job Market?

The numerous graduate success stories are also evidence that your current professional background, design or not, should never serve as a hindrance if you're contemplating a switch. 


New beginnings can be scary, especially when livelihood and career are the points of discussion, so the desire to close the gap from skill introduction and skill building to securing a position that allows you to implement the skills and earn a living is totally understandable.

While all bootcamps focus on teaching the skill, only a few go a step further than teaching the trade but also providing mentorship and guidance designed to get graduates in the field applying their new knowledge in real-world situations.  


Avocademy offers a Career Jumpstart that gives graduates their first taste of working with real-world clients, creating actual UX/UI designs with professional feedback. The program is designed to simulate an authentic industry experience that could increase confidence and empower the graduate's career journey.


Do UX Bootcamps Provide Networking Opportunities for Aspiring UX Designers?

Different programs offer different experiences. But, regardless of the one you choose, take a gander through the Graduate success stories for a glimpse of 'the after' to your current day. 


Seeing individuals who made it to the end of the program and reap the rewards of their hard work can be inspirational, and it provides a real insight that supports the worthiness of the bite-sized approach to a UX/UI career transition.


How to Choose the Best UX Bootcamp for Your Career Goals?

Considering the number of UX/UI bootcamp options available, it can create a challenge. How do I choose? Which is best for me? Why does one cost significantly more (or less) than the other?


Valid questions and notable points. 


First, return to the initial drawing board, remind yourself of your independent goals and personal expectations, and research to understand the top qualities of a successful Jr and Sr designer.

Now compare the benefits and qualities of the trade against those of the boot camps you are considering. 


Refrain from tying yourself up in a long-winded comparison process that could yield less clarity and decisions. If needed, take it old school, pen paper, and a Pros and Cons list to help you choose the best bootcamp based on your needs.


Ready to learn how to choose your UX/UI journey?

Speak with real-life designers and design mentors who can help you sort out your goals and expectations. Schedule a mentor call today!


Kay is an SEO content writer and copywriter who enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and hiking. She loves her avocados with blue corn tortilla chips.

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