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Google UX Design Program Review

review Mar 04, 2022

 If you’re looking for a UX design program, you’ll know that there are plenty of different options out there when it comes to selecting one. But what exactly is out there? In this installment, we’re going to give the full scoop on Google’s UX Design Program.


What is Google’s UX Design Bootcamp? 

Google offers a UX Design Bootcamp that is offered through the Coursera learning platform. It’s a 100% online learning experience that you can take on your own time.


What is the cost of Google’s UX Design Bootcamp?

The cost is about $39 per month with a Coursera subscription. In addition to this, you’ll also need to pay a one-time $149 fee for the official exam. If you’re in need of financial assistance, you can apply through Coursera using the course page. Google also gives out scholarships through its partner, Grow with Google.


How long does Google's UX program take?

The program itself takes about six months to complete, with a dedication of about 5-10 hours per week. Learners can go at their own pace, and Google estimates their students to dedicate approximately 10-12 weeks to finish each course. In contrast, Avocademy only takes 8 weeks, about four months shorter than Google’s estimate. 


What will I learn? 

Developing personas, user stories, user journey maps, conducting usability studies, creating wireframes and prototypes. Figma and Adobe XD are the tools that you’ll familiarize yourself with throughout the program. The outcome of the certificate also produces a portfolio of about three samples. However, Google does not include real client projects or the opportunity to collaborate with other students. While it does give a chance to build a portfolio, employers prefer real-client-based projects in portfolios to relate to more real-world experience. 


Does Google’s UX Program Offer Job Search Help? 

The Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium is the job-searching used to help recent certificates find entry-level jobs for User Experience Design, IT, and much more.

Avocademy also offers job search help after the program completion. After eight weeks, Avocademy offers a Career Jumpstart Program at no initial charge. We offer a $0 upfront payment and then $5500 paid on the day of graduation (paid over 6-36 months). Career Jumpstart includes real client projects, collaboration with other students, job search plan, interview prep, and salary negotiation.


How does Google UX design compare to Avocademy? 




Google UX Course




Length of Program

8-16 weeks

6 months

Number of Projects



Real-world Experience       

Yes (Career Jumpstart) 


Student Collaboration



Job Search Help







If you are looking for an inclusive, collaborative, personable program with more guidance from mentors, Avocademy may be the best fit for you. With educated mentors willing to help, you are guaranteed to learn the necessary skills needed for UX/UI design. If you need affordability with excellent quality, Avocademy has got you covered. You can schedule a free mentor call today! From here, Avocademy can help you determine what you need to be a successful UX designer. 

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