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How a UX Design Program Can Help You Achieve Your Salary Goals

career change salary Apr 30, 2023

Are you seeking a career change that will accomplish your salary goals? Consider a switch to UX design and maximize your salary potential! With a UX design program, you can learn the skills and knowledge needed to enter this growing industry and maximize your salary potential. 


What is UX Design? 

The purpose of UX design, or user experience, is to create products and systems that provide a relevant and coherent experience to users. This includes designing user interfaces, conducting user research, and making products, websites, and apps more accessible and enjoyable to use. UX’s significant impact on user satisfaction, retention, and overall business success leads to increased profits and higher UX design salaries.

A UX design bootcamp is a logical first step to achieving the salary of your dreams since a user experience design education will provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to negotiate your salary goals.


How Can You Maximize Your Salary Potential with a UX Design Program?

As with most jobs, several factors can influence your UX design salary. This includes location, experience, technical skills, education, and company size. For example, according to Course Report, bootcamp graduates who work in San Francisco earn on the higher end of the spectrum at almost $98,000. These factors also contribute to the competitiveness of UX design job prospects. Working at a company like Google can average a $140,000 salary, but the roles have steep competition. Smaller companies may offer a lower salary, but may have less competition. By enrolling in UX design courses, you can get a leg up to work these factors to your advantage. 

The UX design bootcamp Avocademy offers a Career Jumpstart program that provides job search guidance, real-life projects to add to your portfolio, and they even assist you through the salary negotiation process for your dream job. UX design training will help you negotiate beyond salary, teaching you how to leverage your skills to negotiate job benefits. 

To read more about how to research UX salaries based on the factors mentioned in this section, check out this article on the Guac blog.


What is the Impact of UX Design Skills on Your Salary Potential?

Beyond technical skills, there are transferable and in-demand skills that can boost your UX design salary. These include team leadership, project management, HTML5, WordPress, psychology, copywriting, communication, and empathy. Showcasing these skills can prove your value to employers and impact your salary.

A UX design bootcamp can teach you how to utilize these skills and foster a continuous learning disposition throughout your career. Additionally, a bootcamp will provide you with the opportunity for leadership and collaboration that you may not receive otherwise. These UX design skills can help you stay ahead of the competition to achieve your salary goals.


Is Investing in a UX Design Education the Key to Long-term Salary Growth?

Employers value UX design bootcamp graduates because of what they can offer companies. Graduates show initiative by committing to their futures, and employers want to invest in people who invest in themselves. Bootcamp graduates are often motivated, visionary, and possess transferable skills that offer unique perspectives to help companies maintain their edge. Additionally, people who are willing to commit to their education tend to go above and beyond to show that they are up to the task.

While you’d have to invest time and money into a UX design certification, the return on that investment can be significant to your career and wallet. For instance, Avocademy’s UX/UI Foundations program is $2997, but graduates earn an average salary of $89,000. As for Avocademy’s Career Jumpstart program, you aren’t required to make a payment until you land your dream job, as per their job guarantee.


Why is UX Design Certification Key to Achieving Your Salary Goals?

A UX design bootcamp is key to reaching your salary goals because they provide you with the necessary UX skills to distinguish yourself in the job hunt. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more education equals an increase in your earned income. Course Report’s 2020 Coding Bootcamp Alumni Outcomes and Demographics Report states that bootcamp graduates report a 56% salary increase, and note that most students find work within 1 to 6 months after graduation. They also found that graduates receive a 23% salary increase by their second job.

Avocademy graduates report earning a six-figure salary within two years of completing the program. A UX design certification indicates you have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and speaks volumes of your commitment to your UX design career.


Ready to Invest in Your Future?

UX designers are highly valued due to their impact on communities and businesses. Their value is rewarded with significant salary increases and makes the industry a lucrative and popular career path. Schedule your mentorship call with a UX designer today and begin investing in the salary your wallet deserves! 



Amanda Molina is an SEO content writer who loves palm trees, books, and glassblowing. She enjoys her avocados diced with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

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