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Is Google UX Certificate Worth It?

Apr 08, 2023

The world of tech is constantly evolving. We can attribute it to the fact that we are charging ahead with revolutionary technological advances focused on enhancing the overall quality of life. The advancements and developments uncover positions within the tech field, spiking people's interests in clusters. Not to mention the added attention packed on by social media. 


Quite a few courses and boot camps have garnered attention to help those interested in transitioning (or growing) in tech. One of the most common certification courses is the Google UX course.


Since the course's launching in March 2021, over 300 thousand people have enrolled, and reportedly between 25 to 30 thousand people completed it. The number is continuously growing.


Outside of the growing buzz, is the Google UX course worth it, and how can one place themselves among the successful few to complete it?


What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Google UX Certificate?

Before deciding if the Google UX certificate is the best UX certification option to jumpstart your career, it's vital to first research what the course offers, and then you can consider the benefits.


A more important question would be, "What skills will I learn from the Google UX certificate program?"


Although Google UX-centered, this UX course provides in-depth skills that could undoubtedly transfer to being beneficial in your professional pursuit. Skills include:



Can The Google UX Certificate Improve My Job Prospects?

When determining the worthiness of the Google UX certificate program or any program created for career development, weighing the possibilities of the endgame is extremely important. While the Google brand is significant in technological advances, can the same quality be considered for their online course certificate? And how will that translate in the workforce?


One seasoned graphic designer explained his reason for choosing the Google Certificate course as somewhat for professional research, pointing out one significant concern, among a few others, "they aren't teaching you UX, they are teaching Google UX," he explained.


Considering there are no guarantees that your experience will land you a position within Google, this can limit your career development.


Securing a position in the field is the ultimate goal, and Avocademy gets that. So much so that the Career Jumpstart program was enacted to create a path from skill development to UX/UI career placement.


How Much Does The Google UX Certificate Cost, And Is It Worth The Investment?

One of the biggest pros of the Google UX certificate is its affordability. The online course, hosted on the Coursera platform, gives a seven-day trial before charging $39 per month until completed. Online courses offer availability for people looking to further their career development but require flexibility. 


While cost is essential, it's pertinent to remember that it's a fraction of determining the course's value. This will help put things in perspective so the final decision doesn't ultimately result in trading in value like that which the UX/UI Foundations course offers.


The Avocademy boot camp costs $2997 and packs in industry-fluent UX/UI skills that will prepare students to work with clients using multiple resources and tools.


How Long Does Google UX Design Certificate Take?

The Google UX certification is a six-month, self-paced course with limited mentorship except that from fellow peers simultaneously maneuvering through the course.


Peer review is instrumental in having an accountability partner to provide insight on similar concerns and inspiration, but it does not negate the value of proper mentorship.


Avocademy's Foundations course, on the other hand, can be completed in 8-16 weeks, depending on your weekly hour commitment. If you apply 10 hours per week, you will be on the 16-week track. If you commit 20 hours per week, you will be on the 8-week track to finish.


How Does The Google UX Certificate Compare To Other Ux Certifications?

Undoubtedly, the Google UX certification program leads the way in affordability, but one can say that it's the equivalent of trading costs for support and skill development.

While many individuals may have found success in having secured the Google UX certification, there are a few concerns that some industry professionals have when working with Google UX grads, including circumstances surrounding actual user experience and the core fundamentals of the industry.


 Understanding how to facilitate UX and UI design properly is pertinent as it embodies the user experience.


 One primary con of the Google UX course is that the program works on a peer review formula, unlike other UX boot camps and certification programs that empower skill and career development through industry mentorship. This equates to inexperienced learners providing critique and guidance during their learning process, which can lead to stunted growth for students regarding valuable feedback on designs.


The program allows learners to create three different portfolio-inspired designs, unlike the Avocademy boot camp, which allows students to create one during boot camp, but in the Career Jumpstart program, unlimited mentorship and two real-world client projects to add to their portfolio.


Determining if the Google Certificate is worth it requires realizing your specific career goals, weighing the pros and cons against what you feel you need to succeed, and determining if the Google UX certification can provide it. If you want to get your feet wet in UX, not blow the bank in the process and can set proper expectations regarding peer review guidance versus design mentor review and support throughout your learning process, the Google UX certification would provide a great start.


Curious About the Avocademy UX Design Course?

If you would like to discuss your career trajectory and explore how Avocademy can help you, schedule a mentorship call to learn how we can help you reach your goals.


Kay is an SEO content writer and copywriter who enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and hiking. She loves her avocados with blue corn tortilla chips.

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