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Springboard Vs. CareerFoundry

bootcamps Aug 09, 2023

So, you want to become a UX designer and the research has presented five different boot camps, 4 courses on Skillshare, and a signup to have a few colleges give you a call to explain how you can make it happen! Now, you want to scream. 

Don’t. Instead, keep reading.

Your experience of learning UX design can be fun and must be beneficial. The primary goal is to absorb the information you need to effectively execute as a designer, and continue to build from that foundation. There are many channels to learn, traditional colleges, self-taught paths, and boot camps. Let’s focus on the latter, two specifically: CareerFoundry and Springboard.

What are the Differences Between Springboard and CareerFoundry Coding Boot Camps?


Springboard offers a multitude of programs spanning Data Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Tech Sales, and Design. Their programs are 100% accessible, making it easy for working adults, stay-at-home parents, and virtually anyone who needs a flexible learning environment. Their program is built to train for a workforce environment, one of the reasons why students are paired with mentors who are also working in the target industry.

Springboard Stats

  • UX/UI program is combined
  • 65% of your work is dedicated to hands-on project work
  • Externship/capstone, graded by in-house hiring measure
  • Job guarantee program up to 6 months
  • Mentorship
  • Graduate in 9 months (part-time learning)
  • Multiple payment options (upfront, installments, financing, deferred tuition)
  • Program costs up to $218,840


CareerFoundry has a collection of introductory courses and advanced courses, as well as career programs in UX Design, UI Design, Full-Stack Web Development, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Product Management. Their online program is made for the multifaceted learner who needs flexibility and can benefit from a one-on-one approach.

CareerFoundry’s Stats

  • Separate UX and UI program
  • A project-based curriculum
  • Professional portfolio
  • Job-ready skills
  • Dedicated mentor and tutor
  • Support from a career specialist
  • Multiple payment options (upfront, installments, financing, deferred tuition)
  • Program Tuition ranges from $690-$7900 each
  • Job guarantee program up to 6 months

Springboard vs CareerFoundry: Which One Offers the Best Career Outcomes?

Like similar boot camps, both Springboard and CareerFoundry offer job guarantees. This guarantee is an extended step to help students become successful in their career endeavors. Once a student has been deemed eligible to be a part of the job guarantee program, they are guaranteed placement within 6 months of graduation or given a full tuition refund.

Additional graduate stats:

Springboard stats: As of 2022, Springboard has 13,856 students enrolled in their UX/UI program, with a job placement rate of 91.5% within 12 months for graduates who on average see a $25,310 increase in their salary.

CareerFoundry stats: CareerFoundry has reported 7,152 graduates with a $15,802 salary increase on average and an average 75-day job placement.

Ready to Choose the Boot Camp that Works Best For You?

Deciding to switch to a career in UX/UI design is a big step. Connecting with a career path that is most effective in helping you achieve your transition successfully is a defining step. We get it. We want to help you make the best decision, by understanding your goals and desires in your new career. Schedule a call today to speak with one of our mentors to explore your goals and help figure out which boot camp is the best for your goals!


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