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What's The Average Entry Level UX Researcher Salary?

May 20, 2023

There are so many things at our disposal to make life better. The best place to experience this is with a device that you most likely have with you often: your phone. On your phone are probably multiple apps designed to make some aspect of your life much easier.


The calculator app is a simple example of a convenient tool to make life easier. There are more complex apps that are available to you such as shopping apps, like Amazon, Walmart, and your favorite boutiques. There are also travel apps that are great for bringing a little bit of relaxation closer to you, and even apps that are lifestyle specific from providers that you frequent locally.


Whatever you fancy, the quality of your experience with nearly anything in life is based on how well (or if at all) user research was conducted. Considering that it plays such a huge role in a business’s success, it's safe to say it's a very important role in all industries and has a salary to match.


What is UX Research and Why is it Important?

User Experience (UX) research is the process of understanding the needs, behaviors, and motivations of users of a product or service to design and improve its usability, usefulness, and overall user satisfaction. It is the foundation of a successful business.

UX research is conducted by analyzing data that has been collected in many ways including surveys, interviews, usability testing, and a host of different sources. It is extremely important because it is direct feedback from the audience, the user, to whom the product was created to benefit.


What are the Key Responsibilities of an Entry-Level UX Researcher?

Understanding the salary associated with an entry-level UX researcher can be better realized, if you in addition to the value the position provides, understand the expected role to play.


A few, but not all, very important key responsibilities include:

Conducting user research: Research collection can be conducted by viewer user feedback through direct response, surveys, or anything similar and it is essential because it provides insight into user behavior and decision-making. In addition to collecting the data, it would need to be analyzed. The analysis is vital to intertwine in actual product designs for usability.


Product Team Collaboration: Working closely with the product design team is mandatory. As the UX researcher, your findings will be combined with the creativity of the designers and developers for the win.


That’s just a few of the key responsibilities. However, the actual responsibilities of a UX researcher extend further. It is critical to stay abreast of the trends to continue sharpening your craft, as well as keeping up with the latest in user feedback on a global scale.


Considering the industry that a UX researcher works in, the key responsibilities can vary, ie, there could be significant differences in the responsibilities of a travel industry UX researcher from those of a gaming industry UX researcher. These differences will directly affect the entry-level salary.


How Much Does an Entry-Level UX Researcher Make on Average?

While the company, location, and the industry itself can be major variables in the entry salary. In general, the average entry-level salary for UX bootcamp graduates typically see an entry level salary as high as $85K annually, which translates to about $40/hour.


How to Negotiate Your Entry-Level UX Researcher Salary

There’s always room for negotiation but what aspects of your career can you leverage for negotiation? Taking into account the different factors that can affect the entry salary such as location, industry, and company, it's important to take into account other things that are specific to you as an individual, such as the skills and credentials that you are bringing into the position. While you may be entering an entry-level position as a UX researcher, it does not negate any prior experience that will be useful in your position in the incoming role.


How can You get started as a UX Researcher?

A position as a UX researcher comes with quite the entry-level salary potential. But, before you can start there, you must first get started with training to become a UX researcher. There are many ways to break into a UX career, whether you take a self-taught path, learn through available online resources, or the traditional college path. There are also UX boot camps like the Avocademy Jumpstart program which provides a strategic direct approach to learning the necessary skills and helping you get into the workforce faster through real-life learning and top-tier support. The key is getting started.


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