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What Will I Learn in a UX Design Bootcamp?

ux designer Apr 17, 2023

Have you been thinking about signing up for a UX design bootcamp? Are you hesitant because you are not sure what you might learn? If you are interested in learning about the process of cultivating designs that are user-friendly, then a UX design bootcamp may be the right fit for you. You can expect to learn everything from what UX design is to how to build your own professional portfolio that you can later use to land a job as a UX/UI designer. 

Before taking the plunge, many students like to know what they will learn through a UX/UI design bootcamp. Here are some of the skills you can expect to learn through our design bootcamp at Avocademy.  


What are UX Design and UI Design?

UX stands for User Experience, and the role of UX designers is to make sure that users have an easy way to navigate a system. UI stands for User Interface, which means that UI designers are concerned with the style and look of an interface in a software or computerized design. 


What is UX Research?

UX research pertains to the work that is done before the design begins. UX researchers deal with finding solutions, and gathering data through surveys, data collection, and observation. Once they have gathered all the needed information, they will relay that information to designers in order for them to start working on designs for a project. UX research is an important aspect of the design process because it is how information is gathered in order to find solutions based on what users need to have a pleasant experience. 


What is Ideation?

Ideation is the creative process of producing new ideas and concepts. Ideation follows a four-phase process which includes: inspiration, incubation, illumination, and implementation. Ideation is an important part of the problem/solution aspect of UX design because it helps researchers find new solutions for problems and challenges in design projects. 


What are Information Architecture and Wireframing?

Information architecture is the foundation, or blueprint for digital products and is what helps layout the base for display pages, content and any interaction users have with digital products. Wireframing is a type of practice that UX designers utilize which allows them to designate and plan the ranking of their designs for apps or products. 


What are UI Design, Prototyping, and Testing?

UI design focuses on predicting how users might interact with apps, and products. It also centers on making sure that interface is easy to understand and use in order for users to navigate. Prototyping is a sample of a product that is used to test user abilities before the product is launched. And, the last step before launching a product is testing, which is the process of the user interface to make sure everything functions properly, so that users know how to use the UI. 


What Does it Take to Build a Professional Portfolio?

Once you are ready to start looking for a job as a UX designer, first you will need to make sure you have a professional portfolio ready. Professional portfolios help show recruiters the skills you have, projects you have worked on, and who you are as a designer. The best part is that Avocademy prides itself on helping students create their professional portfolio. So, what does it take to build a professional portfolio? First, you need to have three projects that you have worked on to display in your portfolio. Then, you need to pick a portfolio builder such as UXfolio, Webflox, Wix, Squarespace, or Behance. Next, you will add case studies to each of your projects, and edit your portfolio. Lastly, you’ll be ready to share your portfolio with employers. 


What is Career Jumpstart? 

Career Jumpstart is an Avocademy program where students get the opportunity to work with other students on real client projects. The projects usually take about 2-4 weeks and come from Moment Studio, which is Avocademy’s partner UX/UI agency. Once you complete your portfolio, you can start applying for jobs. The process of applying and finding a job can take anywhere between 6-10 months. Career Jumpstart is offered to both US and non-US residents, however, there are different benefits and payment options for non-US residents.  


Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Free UX Mentorship Session!

At Avocademy, we help students decide if UX design is right for them. Schedule a call with us to start your UX career journey today. 



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