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3 More UX Design Myths, Debunked

education Jan 17, 2022
3 More UX Design Myths, Debunked

The UX design field is enjoying unprecedented growth. As UX becomes more popular, more rumors about best practices and career strategies seem to circulate. 

Many students come to Avocademy with doubts about becoming a UX//UI designer. Often, newcomers hesitate to learn UX because of misconceptions about this line of work. 

Knowing myth from fact is vital to any career strategy. At The Guac, we do our best to clear the confusion so students can make informed decisions about their professional life.   

If you’re considering a career switch, be sure you have your facts straight. Here are three more myths about UX that aren’t worth a dollop of guac. 

Myth #1: UX Design Is a Fad

UX design is in high demand, with thousands of fresh opportunities appearing on LinkedIn and Indeed each month. Busy new influencers on TikTok and Youtube also share videos that introduce UX to a wide audience. With a hot job market and exciting content splashed across the internet, UX design can seem like a passing trend (it’s not!).

UX design is not a tech phenomenon that took off in the 2010s, but a decades-old discipline rooted in scientific expertise. Our current understanding of UX design has been around since at least the 1980s, as Donald Norman and others shared ways to make digital products work better for people on a psychological level. However, the concept of making something user-friendly is ancient and can be found in millennia-old philosophies like Feng Shui and early ergonomics.

UX design is not a hiring trend, either. Evidence suggests that demand for UX/UI designers will continue to grow for the next decade as companies seek professionals to improve their products. If you’re thinking about learning UX design, rest assured that this work is here to stay!

Myth #2: UX Designers Have to Work in Silicon Valley

The San Francisco region is famous for housing internet giants like Apple and Google, with Amazon residing a little further north in Seattle. Sometimes, people assume that a tech career is unattainable for those living anywhere but the Pacific Northwest. 

It’s also easy to believe that you have to live in a large city to find UX work. Some think that if you don’t live in Silicon Valley, then you must live in New York, Denver, or another large metropolis to be in UX. 

This might be the biggest misconception about UX design yet! 

While it’s true that UX work is a bit more common in large cities, UX design roles are spreading in smaller companies and cities across the country. You could live on a boat in the middle of the Pacific and still be a UX designer because many UX opportunities are completely remote! As long as you land one of the thousands of remote-friendly positions available, you can pursue this exciting career from anywhere you like.


Myth #3: UX Designers Should Always Innovate

Many tout UX design as a career for innovators who want to pursue creative ideas without limitation. 

While it’s true that UX is excellent for creative types, it’s a misconception that UX professionals come up with original ideas all the time. Designs should be easy to understand, and sometimes, that means imitating a layout or process that users are already familiar with. 

For example, mobile app login screens look quite similar across thousands of products because the preeminent design pattern works well. Reinventing the way users enter their email and password would increase cognitive load and make the sign-in experience worse. 

Creativity and innovation happen when UX designers find data-based solutions to users’ problems. The resulting design doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to succeed.


Learn More About UX with Avocademy

Don’t let rumors weigh you down! Stick with us at The Guac to separate fact from fiction and decide if UX is the career for you. 

If you have more questions about UX design, schedule a free mentorship call with Avocademy. We will help address UX misconceptions so you can find a career you love. 

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