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How Fast Can You Learn UX Design?

change careers land a job no experience Jul 12, 2023

There is excitement in new things, including learning a new career skill. So, if you’re wondering how you can learn the needed skills to become a UX designer, and how to effectively apply them to a successful career transition, at an accelerated pace, you have come to the right place. But, before we can explore speed, let's discuss a strategy around what skills you need to learn. 


What Is The Typical Timeline For Learning UX Design?

The average time it takes to learn UX design is based on a few varying factors, including a personal dedication to learning your craft, practicing the skills you’ve learned, and exploring how to become better. Another factor, and possibly, one of the most important factors in determining a more realistic timeline for learning UX design is the educational path one chooses. The different career paths include:

UX Bootcamp: Exclusively focuses on the necessary skills to become a UX designer. Depending on the boot camp you choose to enroll in, completion time can range from as little as two months to as long as nearly a year.


Traditional Learning Model (College): There is the option to obtain a traditional Master’s degree in UX design, but it requires additional time to the tune of 1–3 years.


Self-Taught Path: The self-taught path is generally the most affordable, BUT it is also the path that is heavily based on your determination. To truly learn effectively can take up to a year, but the harsh reality is that it can essentially take “forever.” The self-directed learning path can be a lonely path, which is one of the reasons it's often abandoned.


Are There Accelerated Programs For Learning UX Design?

Accelerated learning pathways for UX designs are usually referred to as UX boot camps. There are a few popular boot camps that have their unique points for consideration, ranging from affordability, ongoing mentorship, or even job placement. These programs are significant in a transition to a career in UX because they offer the opportunity for accelerated learning and the ability to have real-life feedback on your skills as you learn, along with added mentorship.


What are some tips for accelerating the learning process in UX design?

While boot camps, by the nature of the programs, offer an accelerated learning experience, there are a few things to keep in mind as it's not enough to learn the skills quickly, one must retain the knowledge and understand how to apply it effectively.

A few ways to enhance your learning process include:

Learn the vocabulary. One of the most functional ways to understand something or someone new is to learn how to communicate. The same applies to learning UX skills. Focus on learning and understanding the vocabulary. Understanding how to speak UX-related jargon can help you develop as a designer and communicate where you may need support.

Practice your skills. It's believed that it takes only 20 hours of consistent and focused learning to develop a new skill, and up to 10,000 hours to master it. To this notion, the majority of the time mastering the skill is spent practicing it through the application.

Search out real word opportunities. One of the best teachers is real-world experience. The same applies to learning UX design. Embrace available opportunities to practice your skill in a real word setting. This will help sharpen your skill set and illustrate what brands and businesses expect beyond your learning curriculum.


How Can You Get Started With Learning UX Design?

Learning a new skill is just a click away, even if you're looking to learn in a short period. Do you think you are ready to learn how to make an impact as a UX designer? Schedule a one-on-one with our mentors and discuss how you can add a new skill to your toolkit in the most realistic timeframe based on your current schedule.

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