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Why UX/UI design can be the perfect career for introverts?

career change Jun 08, 2022

As an introvert, picking a career that is going to be fruitful can be quite a daunting task. But luckily, you have come to the right place! We are here to show you how UX/UI design can be an excellent and rewarding career choice for an introvert. 


Thoughtful Observant and Objective

There are many traits of an introvert that can be useful in UX/UI design. For starters, introverts are commonly very thoughtful. This is due to neurological functions and how they process information. It goes without explanation why thoughtfulness would be a useful mental tool. 

The second essential trait introverts possess is that they learn well through observation. This can be highly beneficial when studying and trying to understand users. When using your craft, possessing the advantage of relating to people will set you apart from other candidates for a job!

Last but not least, introverts' valuable trait is that they tend to keep emotions private. Therefore, their work is naturally unbiased, and this circles back around to the idea that introverts are very thoughtful. When practicing UX/UI design, the introvert sets themselves and their wants and needs aside and considers the user; this is what makes them so valuable.


How do these traits compare to the UX/UI designer?

We interviewed Asim Antule, a designer at Dyeus. According to Asim, one of the most important aspects of being a UX/UI designer is being able to notice things around you and learn from these interactions, in order to get a grasp on what people want and need. 

Asim uses his family members as a resource to understand how they interact with UX and notices where they find difficulties. He then takes these problems they run into and attempts to implement them in his work in order to help others as well! 

Asim’s way of practice is not uncommon and stands side by side with the traits of the introvert stated above! UX/UI designers, as well as introverts, are thoughtful people that learn from their environment and those around them. 

As a UX/UI designer, the vast majority of your time is spent working on projects alone. This is why many introverts can find the field so fulfilling, giving them the freedom of working without the pressure of a group setting. Although in most instances, there is collaboration time where working with groups is vital, according to Asim, this is something that becomes much easier as time goes on as you gain confidence in your ability.

If you are interested in learning more about a UX designer's daily life, click here!


How our courses are structured to benefit the introvert!

Here at Avocademy, our courses are tailored to teach everyone, especially introverts. We have gotten rid of all the parts of class you hate and kept the ones necessary for learning. With our eight-week online course, you will be able to learn UX/UI design skills from the comfort of your own home! On top of that, all classes are pre-recorded; therefore, there's no added pressure on the classroom. That being said, if you do need extra assistance, you will have unlimited one-on-one mentor access when signing up for our UX/UI design course. 

Don’t be afraid of being an introvert, and surely don’t try to hide it. Upon completing our courses, you will walk confidently amongst other UX/UI designers and learn to embrace who you are, to help others.

If you feel like UX/UI design is right for you, or have more questions, schedule a free mentor call today and let us guide you to what might be your new future.

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