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Is It Too Late To Become A UX Designer At 30?

Jul 03, 2023

Crossing the threshold into thirty brings an end to many things including your twenties, staying out all day without having a nap and eating all kinds of junk food, and expecting to still gallop about without any cares in the world. And, the last two are debatable. While that is so, one thing it does not bring an end to is starting new things including starting a new career as a UX/UI designer.


For starters, the thought that age, and if we want to be honest, a still very young age, can play a part in halting a dream is wildly unimaginable. But, if that isn't enough, for some reason, here are a few more supporting reasons.


Can you start a career as a UX designer at 30?

Yes, you can. Many individuals are 30 and even older and have decided that they would like to kickstart a new career. Past stats referred to millennials as the ‘job hopping’ generation. And projected by the time they reached 32, they would have changed jobs at least four times. The reality is that as you evolve as an individual your interests change and so does your confidence. Someone may have been thinking about a career switch for several years; there may have been an obstacle hindering the jump. Whereas it's often believed the older you get the less likely you would care about external thoughts and judgment, so you are likely to jump out there and give yourself a chance.


In our Hall of Success, we have many people who made the switch to UX/UI after 30 and are thriving. Because, if nothing, age is just a number.


How to Become a Ux Designer at 30 And Succeed in The Field?

Becoming a UX designer is a process but very achievable, regardless of age. There are multiple career paths available to learn the skills needed to succeed including self-paced, traditional, and one of the most recently popular paths, UX boot camps. Tackling your new career path through a UX boot camp affords a few luxuries the other paths may not have including mentorship, affordability, and real-life experience.


What Are The Challenges of Starting a Career in UX Design at 30?

A few factors that, if any, may play a part in raising challenges in a career change to UX design after 30. Those factors include: 



According to the census bureau, nearly 50% of individuals have been married or have kids by age 30. While the number is significantly lower compared to past reports, it is still counted as a challenge in changing careers. Family life and career can be a balance.



The average American has nearly 40K in student loan debt, so the thought of taking on more debt with the hopes of increasing your earnings through a new career can be daunting. It's a new career, so where would that translate for you in the workforce and once again, debt, on top of all pre-existing household finances? The upside is that starting a career in UX can be affordable without breaking the bank.



Perhaps this is the largest challenge considering it's something intangible, but rules so much. May be cliche, but very true, a new skill can be learned in one hour per day.


Is It Possible to Transition to a UX Design Career at 30 Without Prior Experience?

The interesting thing about the workforce is that regardless of the industry you start in, in most cases you will see an overlap in core skills when transitioning into a new industry. They are often referred to as soft skills.


Examples of soft skills include emotional awareness, organization, and similar. Considering that UX design focuses on how a user experiences everyday things. So, it's no wonder that a teacher or nurse, who is accustomed to extending empathy, a Creative Writer who has impeccable writing skills, or even a Psych major who understands human behavior can find a new home in UX design.


What Are The Job Prospects For UX Designers Starting at 30?

There are plenty of job opportunities for a Jr. Designer, even at age 30. While the Big Tech companies may be top of mind when thinking of available opportunities, it is important to remember that there are plenty beyond those top 5 tech companies.


Recent opportunities that Avocademy’s graduates have landed include positions within Delta, Johnson & Johnson, and even GM! Partnering with a learning path like our Foundations program that provides mentorship and career support is a huge plus when looking to change your career path at 30.


You can make the jump to change your career in just 8 weeks with Avocademy. Schedule a mentorship call today and learn how!



Kay is an SEO content writer and copywriter who enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and hiking. She loves her avocados with blue corn tortilla chips.

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