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skills 8 Easy Ways to Become a More Empathetic UX Designer

From health care to social work to education, empathy is integral in many jobs. One of those jobs, you may be surprised to hear, is UX...

Jan 31, 2022
how to What is a UX Design Challenge?

Design challenges are a common part of landing your first UX job. Although they can be intimidating, these challenges are an excellent tool for...

Jan 30, 2022
mentor The Importance of UX Mentors

UX design is a fresh and exciting field that develops and changes quickly. Its variety and fast pace can easily overwhelm you when you’re...

Jan 26, 2022
career change UX/UI Careers Series: UI Designer

At Avocademy, we like to think of UI design as UX’s better-dressed cousin. While user experience (UX) designers make a product functional,...

Jan 24, 2022
education skills What is UI Design?

The field of user experience is broad, with many specializations and independent career paths to explore. 

User interface (UI) design is one...

Jan 19, 2022
q&a Q&A with Avocademy Alumni: Carlotta Granholm

The Guac brings you another Q&A with one of our talented Avocademy graduates! For this spotlight, we spoke with Carlotta Granholm to learn...

Jan 18, 2022
education 3 More UX Design Myths, Debunked

The UX design field is enjoying unprecedented growth. As UX becomes more popular, more rumors about best practices and career strategies seem to...

Jan 17, 2022
Does UX Design Require Math?

 The modern world runs on math — from computers to finance to engineering. But it’s possible to work in a math-based field without...

Jan 13, 2022
career change How Can You Learn UX Design?

UX design is a new and exciting field, attracting new and excited faces. The question now is, how do I learn the skills of the trade? There are...

Jan 11, 2022
Can You Learn UX Design on Your Own?

If you’re wondering if UX design can be learned through self-guided learning, you’ve come to the right place. The internet provides new...

Jan 06, 2022
remote jobs Can You Do UX Design Remotely?

The start of the decade has been tough for everyone, but a silver lining has been the move to remote work in many industries. Remote jobs have ...

Dec 27, 2021
salary A Typical User Experience Designer Salary in the United States

User experience designers enjoy impressive remuneration. In the United States, the average base salary for UX designers is $74,500, but many UX/UI...

Dec 23, 2021


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