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salary A Typical User Experience Designer Salary in the United States

User experience designers enjoy impressive remuneration. In the United States, the average base salary for UX designers is $74,500, but many UX/UI...

Dec 23, 2021
salary UI/UX Designer Salaries by Role

UX/UI designers have impressive earning potential. According to PayScale, UX designers make about $74,800 a year. Even entry-level UX designers can...

Dec 20, 2021
salary How Much Do UX Designers Make?

User experience design is an intriguing career. UX/UI professionals get to flex their creative muscles and solve problems that help real people,...

Dec 15, 2021
salary What Is the Average UX Designer Salary?

Have you considered becoming a UX Designer? You are not alone. Over the last decade or so, the demand for UX/UI professionals in the tech world has...

Dec 12, 2021
skills Does UX Design Require Coding?

With the constant growth and demand for apps, games, and websites, it has become a modern-day cliche to start learning how to code in order to get...

Dec 07, 2021
q&a Q&A With Avocademy Alumni: Kelsey Horowitz

For this installment of The Guac, we spoke with one of our incredible Avocademy graduates to get the scoop about life as a new UX designer. 


Dec 02, 2021
skills What is Agile for UX Designers?

If you have worked in the tech industry, you may be familiar with Agile. Agile is a software development approach that took root in the early 2000s...

Nov 21, 2021
career change UX/UI Careers Series: UX Research

Did you know that the field of user experience (UX) is not limited to UX design roles? UX/UI work spans many different unique career paths,...

Nov 17, 2021
remote jobs Can UX Designers Work From Home?

We are floating in a sudden riptide of change in the job market. Just two years ago the image of an office worker doing their job from their...

Nov 15, 2021
career change Will a UX Bootcamp Get Me a Job?

If you are pursuing a UX design career, you have probably researched many UX/UI bootcamps. From General Assembly to Designlab to Avocademy,...

Nov 10, 2021
career change Can Graphic Designers Become UX Designers?

With a bit of training, graphic designers can transition to UX design roles with grace and panache. Thanks to their background in digital art,...

Nov 08, 2021
skills UX/UI Careers Series: UX Copywriting

One of the best parts of working in UX/UI is the diversity of career paths available. Although junior designers often start their careers as...

Nov 02, 2021

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