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What are the 10 Gestalt Principles?

Jul 29, 2021

 In the 1920’s, German psychologists Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, and Wolfgang Kohler developed the Gestalt principles when they were studying human perception and how the human brain makes order out of chaos. Wertheimer, Koffka and...

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Thinking About a Career Change? Try a UX Design Bootcamp

Jul 29, 2021

So you want to make a career change. Great, now you have to take 2-4 years of your life to go back to school and hand over some serious cash, right? 

Actually, no. Although a career change may not be easy, it doesn't mean it has to take a...

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How to Become a UX Designer with Avocademy

Jul 28, 2021

So you are thinking about becoming a UX designer. Now your question is probably, how would I even become one if I did decide to pursue UX design? Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Avocademy you can take our 8 week UX design course and...

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3 Reasons You Should Learn UX Design

Jul 27, 2021

 While it may not be for everyone, UX design can be for anyone. UX design is a great career for anyone who likes getting creative, making a comfortable salary, and doing work that matters.  

 If you’re looking for reasons...

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What is Design Thinking?

Jul 26, 2021

Design Thinking is an approach to problem solving that is used by designers and professionals in many industries. Why is this Design Thinking becoming so popular in the workplace? By using Design Thinking, companies have found that they can...

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Negotiating your first UX job Offer: What to Expect

Jun 25, 2021

 Going into your first UX job offer negotiation can seem a bit scary and nerve-wracking. UX design is a diverse and relatively new field. You may be wondering: How much should I ask for? How much will my employer expect me to ask for? 


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Mastering Your Craft: 5 Specialized Skills to Level Up Your UX Career

Jun 24, 2021

 One of the best parts of becoming a UX designer is that you can immerse yourself in a wide variety of work. From research to interface design, UX professionals get to be both analytical and creative, and many enjoy working as UX generalists....

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Q&A With Avocademy Alumni: Kathy Nguyen

Jun 22, 2021

We are turning the spotlight to Kathy Nguyen, an incredible Avocademy alum. Kathy shares her struggle to find a job during the outbreak of the pandemic, how Avocademy came into helping her land her job, and her journey and experience as a working...

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Top 13 UX Design Books to Read

Jun 17, 2021

Whether you are just starting out in UX design or have been in the industry for a while, it is always a good idea to keep learning. Continuously growing and sharpening your skills is important for UX designers as UX is always evolving.

Of course,...

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How to Navigate Imposter Syndrome as a UX Designer

Jun 14, 2021

Since the term was coined in the 1970s, imposter syndrome has become part of the academic and professional lexicon around the globe. 

Imposter syndrome refers to feelings of inadequacy in the workplace. People experiencing imposter syndrome...

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