What is the UX Design Process?

Mar 18, 2023

New to UX design and want to understand the steps needed to finish your product? In order to create a product that solves the user problem, has an incredible user interface, and overall nice design you need to follow a design process. Learn how to...

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How to Lead UX Research as an Introvert?

Mar 18, 2023

Living in a world where we are required to be extroverted can be challenging for those who consider themselves an introvert. As an introvert, you become quite comfortable in your bubble of sorts but when asked to step outside your comfort zone,...

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Design Principles in UX Design

Mar 18, 2023

Good user-approved designs take time to finalize. Professional UX designers use a process to fine-tune their designs. Implementing design principles improves the final product. Let's take a look at how design principles are incorporated and...

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Help Others Become UX Designers with Avocademy

Jan 31, 2023

As Avocademy continues to grow we invite you to collaborate with us. Help us transform lives as an avo-ambassador. Find out how to join, win prizes and make extra pocket money.


What is an Avo-Ambassador?

An avo-ambassador introduces the...

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Product Manager and UX Designer-What's the Difference?

Jan 25, 2023

Some argue that there are not many differences between a product manager and a UX designer, while others wholeheartedly disagree. In actuality, there are many similarities and differences between the two roles. A product manager and UX designer...

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Examples of UX Portfolios That Will Get You Hired

Jan 24, 2023

As a UX designer, your portfolio represents who you are as a designer and your skill set. Portfolios help UX recruiters determine who is fit for the role. They also help you show off your projects so you can land the job. Creating a UX design...

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5 Famous and Inspiring UX Designers to Follow

Jan 22, 2023

When people first hear the term UX Design, they may think it’s a newer field and not that big a deal but It is! UX Design has been around for a few decades now and with that a lot of famous and inspiring UX designers have since emerged. The...

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How to Stay Organized as a UX Designer?

Jan 18, 2023

Organized. A word that creates anxiety for some and excitement for others, but is required for any type of career you may enter especially UX design. Being a UX designer requires strong organizational skills due to the multiple deadlines and...

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Q&A with Avocademy Alumna: Leslie Garcia

Jan 16, 2023

Avocademy will like to spotlight another successful alumna, Leslie Garcia. Find out how Leslie went from being an aspiring writer to finding another creative career in tech. She reveals how she made the transition and how you could do it too.


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How to Build Team Rapport as a UX Designer?

Jan 13, 2023

Have you ever started a new job and thought ‘what if they don’t like me?’ Maybe you’ve been struggling to connect with others or bring your team closer together. If so then you’re not alone! Many of us struggle with...

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